Let’s face it. Boyfriends have some stuff we really want. Their hoodies are worn in, baggy, and so comfortable. Their t-shirts make the best pajama shirts because we can wear them as nightgowns, and they smell like their cologne. It’s almost as good as being near them all night. When you throw a belt around their slouchy jeans and pair it with a white T-shirt, you have a trendy and casual look. Boyfriends have awesome clothes you can borrow. For women who have big feet, they can also borrow their boyfriend’s shoes to complete an outfit.

Imagine yourself as a woman with small feet trying to wear your boyfriend’s shoes. Instead of wearing your boyfriend’s leather dress shoes, skinny jeans, and a fitted blazer, you would be clomping around in shoes that are way too big for you. The whole scenario would look like a toddler walking around in her mother’s high heels that are way too big for her little feet. It’d be a funny, but awkward look. Women who wear large woman shoes can fit their boyfriend’s shoes. It gives you women with big feet a style edge over women with small feet.

Men’s shoes can complement most women’s outfits. They have shoes like combat boots, Oxford lace shoes, Chuck Taylors, leather loafers, and flip flops. So, when your boyfriend starts getting annoyed on how often you borrow his shoes, it may be time for you to get your own pair of men’s shoes. Just remember to buy two sizes down. For example, if you wear a woman’s size 12 shoe, then you are a 10 in mens.

Feminine Style with a masculine edge is very on trend. Pairing a soft pastel colored sweater with dress pants and a pair of men’s Oxford shoes will get your office talking about your fashion sense. A pair of combat boots mixed with a lacy top balance the over-the-top grunge look with sweet feminine style. Borrowing your boyfriend’s shoes add a whole other dimension to your closet.

No matter if you are wearing your own stylish extended women size shoes or borrowing shoes from your boyfriend, you need to take care of them to make them last. If your shoes are new, spray them with waterproof protector. It keeps the surface of the shoes from getting damaged in the rain. Polish leather shoes using leather shoe polish. Don’t throw shoes randomly on the floor. Pick them up and neatly store them on a shoe rack and not the bottom of your closet.

Boyfriends are great. They fix our cars, hang up pictures, and let us borrow their clothes. For those who wear large woman shoes, boyfriends offer another shoe closet to peruse.