If you adore fashion, one of the things you might enjoy more than anything else is hitting the streets and finding new pieces. And while there is value to getting brand new clothing, the thrill of the hunt is never bigger than when you are within vintage shops. You might find an incredible item that is unlike anything you can find in other stores. Use these tips to make the experience all that much more satisfying.
Tip 1: Understand Vintage And Thrift Difference
You might use the words ‘vintage’ and ‘thrift’ interchangeably, but they are two different types of stores. While you can have success in either, shopping in a vintage store means you are looking at items that are special. These things have withstood the test of time and are still relevant today. They might have a timely style, a high quality, or a historic significance that makes them interesting. Thrift stores, on the other hand, could have some vintage items, but they also have a lot of cast-off clothing that people simply don’t want any longer.
Tip 2: Go Classic
When you are looking for your first piece of vintage clothing, get something classic and timelines. You might get a beaded cardigan from the 50s that you can wear with most things or a little black dress from the 60s. Get something you’ll wear over and over again that won’t lose its appeal after a little time passes.
Tip 3: Study Eras
It’s easier to understand what you are looking at if you know the clothing for the eras in the past.There are going to be more options for eras that are in the recent past. If you find something from an era that is way in the past, it might be more valuable and more in demand because it is unique.
Tip 4: Have Your Vintage Reasons
While you are going to have plenty of new things in your closet, there are certain things that youmight want to find vintage. They’re unique pieces that aren’t made readily available today. That gives your style an extra boost. You might be able to find something older that also is higher in quality than things you find new today. There are also price differences at times. While some vintage items can be a steal, some are prices like high-end designer pieces. Whatever your reasons, keep them at the forefront of your home as you search. Once you find that perfect vintage piece, you’ll understand just what a shopping thrill feels like. Itmight just send you diving back into the vintage stores over and over again to find more wardrobe items of that kind. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on tumblr Share on reddit Share on stumbleupon Share on digg

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