2020 is probably not the year to plan a cross-country trip. The COVID-19 pandemic makes it hard to travel and plan for anything, let alone a big vacation. Although COVID-19 has made many of us change our summer plans, it doesn't mean that your summer vacation has to be canceled though. Treat yourself to a relaxing staycation at home. Staycations save gas money and create less pollution than driving to a destination.
However, a staycation is only a vacation if you make it one. Let friends and family know you’re on vacation and unavailable. Take a few days off of work. Unplug and turn technology off.This is your time to recharge! Scroll through the following tips on how to have a planet-saving staycation.

  1. Camping in the backyard is a fun activity for any age. There are also added benefits to backyard camping for those who don’t love the great outdoors. You’re only outside for one night, the bathroom isn't too far away and a house is only steps from where you’re sleeping. Make a fire and roast marshmallows for a family-fun night. Make the evening last longer by telling scary campfire stories by the fire. If you want a fun girl's retreat night, sip cocktails by the fire. Put comfy pillows and cozy blankets in the tent to change it into a "glamping" one.
  2. Set up a romantic evening by dining al fresco. Create the ambiance by letting soft music waft through open windows and dine by candlelight. Pick a cuisine to cook that you normally don't eat to try something new. After dinner, eat your dessert under the stars. Dining al fresco makes even a simple dinner feel like a dream vacation.
  3. Parks and gyms may be closed, but you can still get good exercise by playing games outdoors. Grab family members or friends and let the games begin! Kick around a soccer ball or throw a frisbee. Toss water balloons back and forth if you all want water play. Get creative and use bottles you have lying around the house to use as pins for backyard bowling. An old-fashioned game of cricket can help wind the day down when you're ready to rest.
  4. Everyone needs a chance to relax during this crazy time. Enjoy a spa day all to yourself. Bring out the bubble bath, bath oils or bath salts to make the time luxurious. If you have a bathtub tray, you can read your favorite book with a snack and glass of wine as you soak. You can still relax in the shower if you don't have a tub. Get some aromatherapy shower fizzes and use your favorite body gel to soothe yourself as the water runs over your body.

Staycations are all about YOU! They are your chance to take a step back from the world and enjoy some "me" time.

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