With the implementation of home quarantine in this time of the pandemic, social media is one thing you can turn into. While it does help divert attention, help you stay connected and updated with friends and family, and make your days at home less boring, being exposed to your home electronics for a long period of time can have detrimental effects to your health. A social media detox will not only help protect your eye health from long exposure to radiation but also let you see the more important things in life.

To detoxify, according to Merriam Webster, is to remove a harmful substance or the effect of such form. Here are some usual “harmful” effects of social media. In terms of physical health, did you try to check how good your eyesight is or your fingers because of non-stop scrolling and updating of different events? As to mental health, how many negativities did you acquire each day from different individuals? Can you still feel the real world or are you gone having troubles of the unknown? It makes you connected with individuals far from you, but can you still find time for those people around you? Do you think those feelings you shared with those individuals are authentic? And those they express are the same as you expected? Check your emotional health, maybe you are only building up emotions that are out of the blue and you end up in distress instead of paying attention to the task at hand and behaving as expected.

Every moment of the day, you are always with your gadgets with the trending topics on it. Yet, to detoxify social media is to help yourself live a healthy life. Why not try to free your hand and attention from your gadgets and be with the presence of nature? It is lovelier than any photos you had seen on the screen. It is rather worth your time to be with the authentic things and tangible objects even in its simplest form. You do not need to be fed up with awesome things when in reality, it is out of reach. Yes, you can make your imagination work on its complex level with the help of different apps, but the reality is still what you need for everything begins on what you have, not on what you only think and see.

Instead of scrolling every moment of the day, why not take a walk, talk with those persons around you, share smiles, and genuine feelings. Honestly, to break a daily routine is quite hard on the first attempt. Social media is trying to change you without you realizing it. Be more attentive with your daily existence in a real scenario where you can feel the essence of living. Eventually, survival becomes possible.

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