The only thing better than finding the perfect outfit or accessories is finding those items—on sale! It’s nice to know how much you saved in order to look as good as you do. And sine stores are always bringing in new merchandise, they have to ship out the old at lower prices to make room. When you hit the sales season, these shopping tips will help you find what you want at a price you’ll love.

Understand The Sales Cycles

There are some sales seasons that will pop up in obvious locations. Winter clothing will go on sale in the spring, spring clothing in the summer, and so on. But if you understand more about the sales cycles, you can get the best deals. Keep in mind that Thursdays are best. Stores know most people come in to shop on the weekends, so they prepare their mark downs on Thursdays to rotate new merchandise into the store.

Wait 6-8 Weeks

If you use a perfect pair of shoes, a jacket, or something else you adore, try and wait for 6-8 weeks and then check the sales area of the store. Savvy shoppers can get what they want, at a lower price, simply by waiting the store out.

Check the Return Policies

While getting that gorgeous shirt you want at a $5 rate is wonderful, if you can’t return it because you don’t like the fit or because you find a flaw, that’s not such a good deal. Sometimes, out-of-season items or things on sale cannot be returned. If they can, it could be a short turnaround time of just 14 days. Keep an eye on those policies before you buy a deal you don’t end up wanting.

Know When Not To Buy

It’s always fun to get things you like, but buying jewelry around Christmas means you’re paying top dollar. There are wrong months or times of the year for most items on your list. There are some things that will never go on sale, like high-end designer shoes and other things that don’t really have a season. Otherwise, make sure whatever you buy is off-season in its own way and you’ll be set up to find good deals.

It can be hard to hold yourself back from the regular prices in the stores when you see things you really want, but you can do a much better job with your budget and splurge on high-quality items if you are able to snag certain things on sale. The items are just as good—they just cost less—and that can make you feel great about your purchasing powers as a whole.

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