Wearing high heels, well, it makes the legs look amazing. And while there are certain heels that can make your feet regret your choice, most of them actually bring health benefits with them over wearing simple flats. There are both physical and mental benefits you could enjoy with this stylish option. Here are a few to consider:

Feeling (and Looking) Taller
The most obvious benefit of wearing high heels is that they allow you to be taller. But only do you look taller, but you feel taller, which can give you a boost in confidence at the same time. You might feel empowered, in a way, that helps your mental health. You’ll see the world from a whole new viewpoint.

Work The Leg Muscles
As you walk around at a taller height, heels will work your leg muscles so there is less fat and more muscle in the calves. As you walk, your calves tighten to help the pressure on your legs. After a few months of steady wear, the calves will look fantastic.

Avoiding Aging Damage
Adults tend to develop issues as they age within joints, bones, and muscles. But wearing heels on and off can help you reduce the chances you will develop those types of issues. Wearing heels strengthens ankle joints and many other muscles and reduces the chance of arthritis in those areas.

Better Posture
When you wear heels, more than your feet and legs respond. Your chest is pushed out and your glutes are as well. That tends to make you walk straighter and taller and gives you better posture all the way around. Some people even feel they look slimmer when they wear their heels.

Confidence Boost
Confidence is a huge part of happiness and mental health. It’s hard to lack confidence and get through everyday life without struggles. Heels can change how your body looks and how you feel about it. You could feel more authoritative and more equipped to deal with stress. The right heels could be the key to a successful day based on the confidence boost they give you.

If you want to feel in style and get other benefits like those above, wearing heels is a great idea. However, you need to find something that feels and looks great. Don’t kill your feet and regret it later. There is such a thing as heels that give you a confidence boost and give your feel comfort all at the same time. It’s a big game or trial and error, of course, but the right match is out there. And, it doesn’t even matter what size you wear. There are stylish options for even later sized feet.

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