Most people only have so much money to spend on shoes so it’s important to buy shoes that work well with lots of outfits—and are on trend. There are always exciting shoes to wear, but you may not want to waste your budget on something you can only wear with one thing. Here are some of the shoes you’ll want to buy now that keep you on trend, and keep your versatility intact.

Simple Sneakers

Clean, simple trainers are something you can live in. They give your casual looks a polished, cool appearance. When you care for them well, they can last a long time, so you don’t have to buy them very often.

Ankle-Tie Sandals

There are so many sandals on the market, it’s hard to know what to buy, but the ankle-tie sandals are something you see everywhere right not, especially if they have a square toe. They are comfortable, classy, and hugely stylish.Loafers (worn with socks)These shoes, again, are something you can wear with a lot of different looks from casual to business classy. Pair them with the right socks and the right colors and they can bring everything together in a manner that is comfortable and stylish.

Heels Embellished With Chains

High heels are never going to go out of style so when you add embellishments to them in the right ways, it brings extra to even a simple outfit. You can keep your clothing simple and still get the style you want in the ensemble when you have high heels with chain embellishments on them. Find something in a classic color and it will go with a lot of different items in your wardrobe.

Sculptured Shoes

Shoes can look like a piece of art and still be practical. Shoes that have padding and puffed up shapes add texture to your style and can bring your footwear to a new level without standing out as something dated.

Thong Sandals

Sandals don’t have to have too many straps to make a statement. In fact, the more straps they carry, the more discomfort you may find. Or, at the very least, the more potential you have for discomfort in the places the straps cross. With thong sandals, there are few straps, maximum comfort, and the height of style all in one sandal.

When you have to spend money on shoes—or for real shoe loves, when you get to—make the most of your budget with things that make a difference to your overall look. You’ll want classic items that last, are on trend now, and go with many different looks to make your budget stretch as far as it can.