Ah yes, that special occasion you’ve been looking forward to is coming up. You’d love to enjoy it. But you know the shoes you’ve chosen to wear are going to kill your feet the whole night. Is it worth it? Perhaps. You do want to look good after all. But aren’t there comfortable shoe options for special occasions so you can enjoy the event without your feet regretting your style choices later? The good news is, there are. And they look just as stylish as can be, too. Here are some of the most comfortable shoe options that will look good and feel better on special occasions.

Wedged Heels

Wedges are a great pick for any formal event or part. They are comfortable, give your legs some height, and give your outfit a polished look. You will feel great and look stylish, but you won’t have trouble balancing, even if the event includes a little dancing. Wear your hair in a sleek ponytail and choose a smart outfit and you’re good to go.

Flat Sandals

Sandals are essential for any shoe rack. You can utilize them on a casual day at the beach, but they can also come to your rescue when you are going to attend special events and need something with both comfort and style. They pair well with summer dresses and even with jeans, depending on the vibe of the event. Sandals can be strappy and stylish while being flat and comfortable.


Boots provide warmth and safety for your feet, but they are also stylish and a preferred look during certain times of the year. Boots come in every different color and they go great with certain dresses or even tight jeans. They can have heels or not and still fit into the occasion, look great, and provide comfort.

Ballet Flats

This shoe is so versatile it comes in very color and pattern imaginable. You can wear this type of shoe to the office, but also to a fun evening party all year long. Pair the shoes with a stylish tote bag and you can dress up your look with ease. It’s fun to play with color and texture around ballet flats as well and you don’t have to worry about aching toes and arches later.

There are definitely occasions when nothing but the absolute best-looking shoe is necessary, but there is no reason to be uncomfortable, either. These shoes give you the comfort you need with the style you crave. You can actually enjoy the event without a second thought to how your feet are feeling. If you don’t have some of these shoes on your rack, the time is now.