Androgyny is a combination of masculine and feminine qualities. It does not have a specific gender. Androgyny has made its way into wedding attire, and the designs are fabulous. Scroll through the following paragraphs to learn more about the categories of androgynous wedding attire.


  • Think slim when you're looking for a suit. Menswear suits are made long enough to cover the behind. This type of cut makes legs look shorter. Womenswear jackets typically stop at the waist. This type of cut makes legs look longer and slimmer. A European suit is also slimmer. These suit cuts look equally great on males and females.
  • Try a slouchy suit. Slouchy suits are relaxed, but are not baggy. The pants are shorter and usually cuffed. Bring the whole look together by adding pops of color in a scarf or shoes.
  • Remember colors! Navy blue, pastels or burgundy help your suit not look like a waiter. Save the black and white suit for your bell hop or server.
  • Linen is a breathable material for a summer wedding. The material is a bit more casual, so it is ideal for a daytime wedding.Jumpsuits
  • A jumpsuit is a versatile piece of clothing. It is made to be fitted or relaxed. You can add lace or pearl necklaces to give it feminine flair. A jumpsuit is a special piece that can be worn again and again. Change the look up by switching accessories or a jacket.



  • The punk look is edgy and cool. Punk clothing does not assign a certain gender to its style. The punk look is ripped jeans and leather jackets. It is also about mixing femine with masculine. Wear a jacket with hard, defined lines over a lacy blouse.



  • A kilt is a type of knee-length, pleated skirt traditionally worn by men in the Scottish highlands. Now, it is a piece of clothing that can be uniquely styled. It is a way to combine tradition and modern fashion.


Tux Mini Dress

  • A tux mini dress sends a huge statement. Wearing it implies that you are not conforming to gender stereotypes. Wear it with a pair of stilettos to give your legs length and height.