It’s easy to add attitude to any outfit with a pair of knee-high boots. They give off a look that’s sleek and chic while maintaining an approachable appearance. If you’ve snagged your first pair, there are many different ways you can wear them so you can make the most of the purchase. Here are a few options:

Way 1: Over Jeans

Grab a pair of fitted jeans and tuck them into the boots so they show more than the jeans. Pair the look with something on top that suits the overall style and look, and you can go a lot of places, look great, and fee stylish. You could also pair the boots (in certain colors) with black pants and a button-down blazer for a weekend look and equestrian vibe. The choices are endless, and you can be comfortable in your pants while still featuring the boots you adore.

Way 2: A Shorter Shirt

Your boots go up to your knees and it can be nice to differentiate where the boots end and where your outfit begins. Wearing a skirt that is above the knee will show off your knees, the boots, and the rest of the outfit. There’s a definite breaking point between the skirt and the boots, which can draw the eye to the shoes you want attention on in the first place.

Way 3: A Classy Dress

Whether you are getting ready for a night out, a special event, or something else, wearing boots with a dress can be very becoming. Choose a dress that has colors in it that bring out the color in the boots. If you have black boots, for example, pair them with a dress that has blacks dots on it but involved other colors as well. The boots coordinate and bring out elements of the dress without overpowering it.

Way 4: The Casual Blend

Find pants that are the same color as your boots, and you can blend the two together. Wear the boots over the pants and pair it with a comfortable sweater for a casual go-to outfit that you can wear just about anywhere.

Way 5: Under The Skirt

If you want a skirted look, but you also want the boots to stand out, contrast the color of the boot with a longer skirt. They will still stand out, even if part of them is under the skirt. Grab a nice blouse and you have a great look for the office.Knee-High boots are multi-faceted so when you find the perfect pair, remember that you can wear them in many different ways and on many different occasions. They can make lots of styles stand out and these five arejust a few examples.