You can wear whatever great outfit you have, but if you don’t accessorize just right, it will go to waste. Every woman needs to have the right handbag and following the trends of the season can make or break any look. Here are some of the handbag trends of 2020 to help you choose the right accessory to highlight your style and the current fashions.

Quilted Textures

Quilted bags of many different sizes and colors have been up and down the runway all season. It’s a classic style that can give your look an air of sophistication. This is an older fashion that has become new again and while there are timeless choices, there are also contemporary designs, depending on your personal preferences.

Frame Styles

This accessory has a fabulous silhouette and a metal frame that supports the material of the bag. They also have a kissing lock or interlocking metal beads on the top. All of the big fashion houses have frame bags coming out this year to show that the vintage design is for sure back. You might be able to find something that fits in well with this trend in your grandma’s attic.Hobo Bags These have a distinctive look as a slouchy bag with a handle or strap that makes it easy to carry to wear. This comeback is available in all sizes and textures whether you want something small or something on the large side.

Chain Embellishment

Even an older bag can look new again with chain embellishment. Chains are popping up on shoes, in jewelry, and, yes, on handbags. The straps could be a chain or there could simply be a chain slung across the front. You can find handbags with this style or go DIY and add a chain to something you already favor in your wardrobe.

Bamboo Handles

Bamboo is a highly sustainable material and it looks earthy and stylish on handbags as well. The detail is unique, but brings a textured look to any handbag. It is an eco-friendly option that is all the rage this year.

Large Bags

While small handbags had their time, the extra-large bags are all the rage this year. You can get bags that look large enough to store an extra person. The bigger the better this year. Even small bags are upgraded to something larger. Just make sure you don’t overfill these bags, or it might be hard to carry it around. While handbags can make or break an outfit, you need to match them well with your shoes and other accessories you might be wearing to create an ensemble that works well together as a whole. Start with shoes and a handbag and go from there.