Weddings. You want to look good, but let’s face it...they can turn into a long
day and a lot of pain. Looking good and finding comfort can feel like an
oxymoron, but it can be done with the right advice. Listen to a podiatrist’s
advice on the right wedding shoes and you can look and feel good all night
long, no matter how much dancing you do.
The podiatrists recommend that you have cushioning and padding under
both the ball and the arch of your foot. Rubber soles are a good idea to
absorb shock for dancing, walking, and standing. You want to make sure you
have enough room to wiggle your toes from time to time and consider a
wider forefoot. Block heels can also help to support you throughout a long
evening. Now that you have those ideals in mind, here are a few examples of
shoes that might fit into the comfort and style you need for a night out.

Block Heel Sling back Sandals

Sandals with straps are all the rage right now and if you place a strappy
sandal on a block heel, you can have the comfort and style you need for a
wedding event. With the block heel, you get the height you want and the leg
appeal, but you also get extra support and balance for whatever the night

Day Heels

This type of heel is only 2-inches tall, so it meets recommendations that
podiatrists set. You can get a stretchy elastic shape in the back that is
inspired by ballet slippers to give your feet room to shift and wiggle
throughout the day. You can get this type of shoe in tones of colors and sit in
comfort the whole way through.

Platform Heels

These shoes offer inches of height without nearly the pain you would
normally feel. The platform appeal keeps your feet on more of an even level
while giving you confidence and style. They come in closed shoes as well as
sandals and can make a statement in certain colors and materials.

Wedge Sandals

You can gain quite a bit of height with a wedge sandal, but you lose none of
the comfort. There’s not nearly the amount of stress on the ball of the foot
and the wedge cushions the foot bed to give you extra support in a steady
manner. With a strap around the ankle, the shoes stay in place throughout
the dancing you might do.
There are plenty of comfortable shoes on the market, but you might feel that
comfort and style can never go hand in hand. IT can, though, if you take advice from professionals in the podiatry industry while keeping an eye on
current trends.