What Shoe Style Is Right for My Instep?

If you are wondering what shoe is right for your instep, you must have had some bad days with the wrong shoes.   You shoes should be comfortable all day, and if they are causing you pain, it means they not right for your feet. Almost every person can relate to painful shoes and couldn’t wait to get home and remove them.

How Do You Know The Right Shoes For You?

The material used and its design determines the comfort of a shoe. Any shoe that's not for your foot type cause you discomfort. If you have instep, you know the pain that comes with wearing a pair of shoes not created specifically for your foot. If you have no idea to buy, read on for a list of shoe style for an instep.

New Balance

New Balance brand has one of the best shoes you can wear if you wondering “what is the right shoe for my instep?” the shoes are made with technology that offers motion control for an instep foot. You may find them a little heavier than most shoes, but they are classy shoes with layers of plushness. Besides, they allow air circulation and are perfect for training and exercise sessions.

OluKai Ohana

OluKai brand provides amazing summer shoes. They have some Hawaiian culture inspired sandals that you can wear when going to the beach or for a stroll during summer. They have the perfect shape and a firm midsole for an instep, making them comfortable to wear any time.

Sketchers Go Walk 4

These are low training shoes, which can also be worn with jeans for a casual but smart look. This shoe distributes and weakens the ground force. It is the best shoe if you want to enjoy energetic strides as it contours to the natural shape of your foot. The outer lining is perforated and gives this shoe breathability. What’s more, it’s lightweight so at the end of the day, your feet will not be feeling worn out.

Alegria Paloma

Alegria brand makes long-lasting incredibly comfortable shoes. They not only take care of a high arch foot but also improve spinal and orthopaedic health of the wearer. They have a wedge design and a toe box that is lifted. This shape relieves pressure from instep while offering your foot excellent support for hours. The footbed is anatomically correct and will improve your gait by spreading weight evenly.

These are not the only shoe styles for your instep. There are many others, created for the high arch foot. They keep you comfortable all day without causing any pain.