Dressing the Part: Corporate Style Shoes For Bigger Feet

We already know how hard it is to find shoes for ladies with large feet. Looking for corporate style shoes for bigger feet is even harder. Only a few stores carry shoes beyond size 10, and anytime they have them, they sell out fast. However, that does not mean you cannot find different stylish shoes to wear to the office despite having extended feet. Read on for tips to help you find beautiful and classy corporate style shoes.

Go For Colors That Match With Clothes

Since you are looking for shoes to wear to the office or formal events, avoid those that will compete with your attire. Simple black flats or heels can be worn with plain colored, bold patterns or bright colored dresses and pants. While every woman has the freedom to wear any shoe as long as she is comfortable and safe, some colors will make a shoe look less sophisticated and casual for a corporate style.

Home-in On Colors in Your Office Outfit

To look elegant in a shoe that has a unique color, match it with your outfit. A good example is a blouse with red and white patterns, you can choose to wear a deep red pair of shoes and still look perfect for the office.

Remember Matching Shoes and Clothes Are Not Compulsory

If you do not want to match your shoes with your clothes, it’s not compulsory. Wear what you want; after all, the fashion police have ever arrested anyone. Feel free to rock any shoe as long as you are smart and comfortable for work. It is hard enough to find a pair of shoes for women with large feet, and so you do not need more restrictions; put on your shoes proudly.

Choose Colors Perfect For Office Settings

When looking for office shoes for a conservative office, go for grey, navy, black and brown colors. You cannot try out other colors in a strict office because they will not match the corporate dress code.

Buy Shoes That Match With the Season

Like everyone else, ladies with extended feet need to shop for shoes depending on the season. During summer, you will need light shoes and get a break from socks. For autumn and winter you need heavy attires and shoes, so buy boots and other warm shoes to see you through these seasons.

Shop for your large feet comfortably and get a corporate style that suits your office. Remember every corporate company has its rules regarding dressing codes, so select shoes accordingly.