Organizing shoes to fit in a closet. Those words fill anyone with dread and anxiety. Closets are the notorious for being the dumping ground for hoes. Shoes are thrown in a closet every which way until they make a mountain high enough to rival the height of Mount Everest. It doesn’t have to be this way though. When your shoes are organized, you can see what you have and how much room you have to buy more shoes. It makes you feel better knowing at least one part of your life is organized and put together. Scroll through the steps written below to help you organize all of your shoes!

First, pull all of your shoes out of your closet. Put them in matching pairs. Then, separate them into piles. Put your athletic shoes into one pile, flats into another pile, your sandals in a different one, then your heels, boots, delicate shoes, and any other categories of shoes you have into separate piles. Take this opportunity to polish and repair any broken shoes. Since finding sizes in large woman shoes or extended size women shoes can be difficult, you may want to consider taking your shoes to a cobbler to fix them instead of buying new ones.

Now, take a look at what kind of closet you have to store your shoes in. Is it large or small? Does it have a traditional open and shut door? Is there room on the floor to put shelving? Is your closet tall enough to have something like a ladder shoe shelf? All of these questions will help you determine what kind of storage you want in your closet.

If you want to put your shoes on top of shelf that’s over your hanging rack of clothes, use clear plastic bins that you can label. You will be able to see yours shoes and match them to outfits without even opening the box to look at them.

Store your delicate or designer heels at the top of the closet. They look great up there and it will keep them in good condition.

Flats, sandals, and slip-ons should be put in an organizer that hangs over-the-door. These organizers usually can only hold lighter weights shoes.

If you want to only keep seasonal shoes in your closet, then utilize storage space under the bed. A large, clear plastic container is a good way to store boots. Sneakers can be put in baskets because they are durable.

Organizing your shoes can be a dreaded chore. Once you initially do it, you’ll want to keep up with the organization because it simplifies your life and closet. When you pick up your shoes, it makes it easier to show off your incredible large women shoe collection!