Things to Look For In Quality Shoes


A pair of shoe with a high price tag does not necessarily it is high quality. There are many other things to check for you to identify the best shoe that will last for years while giving you an elegant look. Stop worrying about your large feet and scarcity of big size shoes, take your time to find the best. Here are tips to help you know whether a shoe is a good quality or not.

Construction of the Shoe

The construction of a shoe refers to how the upper part and the sole are joined together. Shoe construction can either be glued or stitched. In most cases, high-quality shoes are stitched, meaning they can be repaired. Glued shoes do not last for long as most of the time they are made of cheap materials which cannot be repaired.

Consider the Upper Material

The upper material determines the durability of a pair of shoes. When the top material is made of high-quality material like leather, the shoe has a high chance of lasting for a long time. Although leather is the best material for shoes, it comes in different forms. Some shoes are made from full grain leather and others from refined leather. Check carefully just to be sure you buy quality worth the price tag.

Cost of the Shoe

In many occasions, the price of a shoe should not be the main determinant of the quality of the shoe. However, prices cannot b relied on fully when gauging the quality of a shoe; they can only give a slight idea to identify high-quality shoes. Most excellent footwear tend to have a high price tag compared to low-quality ones

Consider the Production Quality

Production quality can be determined by evaluating how the shoe is made. High-quality shoes are produced in small quantities and handcrafted hence given full attention. Poor quality shoes, on the other hand, are produced in large numbers, and most of the time they are glued and not stitched.

When buying shoes take your time to evaluate the shoe properly and settle for the best. Avoid purchasing a shoe due to the fame of the brand. Always purchase those that are made with excellent materials and will fit your feet perfectly. Even women with extended feet should not feel pressured to buy any shoes that come their way.