Being tall is both a pain in the neck and a wonderful blessing. Tall women often need to find and buy pants with longer inseams, shirts with longer sleeves, and shoes in large woman sizes. However, in 2004, psychologists from Liverpool and Central Lancashire found that tall women are seen as more intelligent, assertive, independent, and ambitious. Even though shopping can be frustrating when you’re tall, height is considered an asset in many countries around the world. Scroll through the list below of countries to find which countries that have the most statuesque beauties!


Latvia is a small country on the Baltic Sea. It is located between Lithuania and Estonia. Latvia has beaches, forests, and a historical capitol called Riga. Latvian women are considered to be the tallest on the planet with an average height of 170cm or around 5’5. Latvian women are also known to be beautiful, smart, and polite.


Who is tall, stunning, and independent? A woman from the Netherlands. The average height of a Dutch woman is 167.5cm or just under 5’5. The Dutch are typically known for their quickness in speed skating. Its capital, Amsterdam, has canals, many bicyclists,, and stunning architecture.


Estonia is another small country with tall women. The country borders the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. Its capitol, Tallin, is popular for its museums, churches, and older part of the city. The average height of women in Estonia is 169cm.

Czech Republic

The graceful, confident, smart, and fashionable women of the Czech Republic have an average height of 167.22cm. Prague, Czech Republic's capital, is considered one of the most appealing cities in Europe. It’s historical buildings rival the charms of the country's women.


Europe's Balkan region has plenty of tall women. Serbian women ring in at 166.8cm. Serbian women are known for their charm. Their dark hair and eyes have captivated admirers around the world. The women are polite and intelligent. Serbia’s capital is Belgrade where visitors can physically see the stories of the country’s past.

Tall women across the world share many commonalities. They wear extended size women shoes, make sure their skirts are not too short for their height, and try the best to not shrink their clothes and make them too small. But, tall women across the world carry themselves with confidence and sparkle. As you walk through your city remember you’re part of a stunning, beautiful, and smart group of tall women across the world!