It's an age-old problem. Where do glamorous drag queens go to find flashy shoes they can strut their stuff in? Not many shoe companies even sell large women shoes that drag queens can fit, or that are stylish. A drag queen’s shoes not only need to be flashy but also sturdy. Years ago, shoe manufacturers rarely made sexy heels, mules, or boots in large women sizes that women and men could comfortably wear. Knee high boots with a slinky stiletto heel used to only zip up on slim calves. Skinny heels weren’t designed to hold the full weight of a man. Picture yourself with a longer and wider size 15 or 16 foot trying to squeeze into a woman's size 8 pump, or huffing and puffing breathlessly as you work to zipper up a boot around your wider calf. Drag queens would break toes or twist ankles as they flaunted and sashayed on unsupportive and too small shoes. When a pair of heels or boots was found in a larger size, they were often uncomfortable and lacked flair. Luckily, the shoe world changed. Shoe manufactures realized that women and men needed pumps, boots, flats, or mules with a wider width and longer length. Large women size shoes that drag queens can wear are now designed in bold colors, leopard print patterns, with sequins and embroidery, and enough pizazz to turn heads. Heels are strong enough to hold a tall man’s weight. Straps are large enough to wrap around wide feet and knee-high boots zip up around a man’s calf. In the world of a drag queen bigger does mean better. Big styled hair, flawless makeup, an over the top outfit, and a larger-than-life personality are the hallmarks of drag queens. Naturally, the shoes must match all this fabulousness. A drag queen cannot be caught dead in a frumpy pair of brown clogs or garden Crocs. This is where Lonia Shoes can help. Lonia Shoes offers extended size women's shoes in sizes 10-15. Lonia Shoes has affordable strappy heels, glitter toned flats, platform-heeled mules, lace-up boots, and so much more in large women shoes. Bigger is better at Lonia Shoes too.