You’re tall and have big feet. You’ve always been the tallest kid in class. You stood in the back row of class pictures, so your height didn’t block your shorter friends. For years, you tolerated people saying to you, “Wow! With your height you must be a basketball player or great athlete!” Only you never even played sports. In fact, you often tripped over your big feet. However, you also were the one who hung pictures on the wall or got items from a high shelf. Let’s look at the advantage and disadvantages of growing up tall with big feet. AGONY OF CLOTHES SHOPPING Shopping trips were stressful. Pants were always short. Regular length pants for an average height child would only reach your ankles, which meant that you always had to wear tall socks or walk around with cold feet. You always ended up wearing three quarter length sleeves because long sleeve shirts and sweaters never reached your wrists. Dresses and skirts were the length of miniskirts on you. You rarely found a fashionable one that reached your knees. Shoes were hard to find because you needed extended sizes. MIRROR, MIRROR Bathroom mirrors were never hung up high enough so you could see your face without ducking your head down. You got a great view of your neck and shoulders, but if you wanted to make sure your makeup was applied correctly, you needed to bend your knees and awkwardly cock your head to the side to view your face in the mirror. MORE LEG ROOM PLEASE Your long legs were always shoved under desks that were too short. There was no way you could cross your legs under those. Your legs were always cramped when you sat in a bus or airplane seat too. You didn’t have the room to stretch them out. Now onto the advantages of growing up tall with big feet! TOP SHELF Reaching for items on a high shelf has never been a problem for you. You’ve never needed to use a ladder or step on a chair to reach something high. You simply stretched your arm up to get whatever you needed. SUPPORTIVE BIG FEET Big feet carry your body around. Big feet support more body weight and your height. They have a bigger surface area, so they can also give you better balance. Big feet also absorb the shock your knees take every time you take a step which saves your knees a lot of aches and pains. THEY’RE ALL MINE! You are rarely asked to share your shoes, since your friends’ feet are too small for your shoes. They can’t rock your extended size knee-high stiletto heel boots like you can.