A large shoe size comes with a tall height which makes women who wear shoe size 14 stunning. They walk and look like models effortlessly thanks to their beautiful long legs. However, the struggles of finding great shoes for your extended feet are real. You cannot just step out and treat yourself with the latest pair of trendy shoes. Most shoes will not fit and make your feet look gigantic. Whenever you find a cute shoe that’s your size, you have to buy it there and then. It is an opportunity you will only get once in a blue moon. More struggles in finding large women shoes include:

You Can’t Help Rolling When Girls with Small Sizes Complain

Girls who have large feet less than shoe size 14 will complain about not finding shoes that fit them. It pisses you off and almost whispers to them “try being size 14.”

You Have To Skip Some Shoe Trends

The pointed toes shoe design was a big hit and still is in the market, but you had to skip it. While your friends enjoyed this trend, you had to for something different because your feet are too long.

Having To Share Shoes with Men

Going for activities such as bowling is not easy. You need the biggest shoe size available and end up wearing men’s shoes. In some cases, you even share shoe size with your boyfriend or wear a bigger size than his.

Some Simple Things Are Not Simple

If you lie on the sofa to watch TV, your big feet block your view. You have to put them in the right way so they do not get between you and the screen.

Any Shoe That Fits Becomes Your Favorite

When you eventually find one of the few extended shoe sizes for women, it becomes your favorite. Basically, you wear it daily especially if it’s cute. Such a shoe feels like a gem and giving it a break is not easy.

Your Shoes Are Rare and Expensive

Shoe size 14 is rare, and in most stores, this section is small and empty. When they have your size, you have to pay more

Have Had To Put With Nasty Laughs from Friends

Your friends try on your shoes just to exclaim how large they are. They already know, but they want to laugh about and none of them would wish to you trying out their shoes. They also check for your extended size women shoes at the doorstep to know if you are already there and giggle about it.

Know the Shops to Avoid

You know the shops where you have had a horrible experience. Some tell you they only stock up to size 7 but can place an order that will arrive in two weeks. You avoid such shops like the plague because you do not want someone making you feel like an alien. Having to wear size 14 women shoes is not terrible. Look at the bright side and embrace the struggles.