Serena Williams is an outstanding tennis champion, mother,and entrepreneur who inspires many of us. Her talent is not limited to only tennis but to many business ventures. She has established herself as a fashion designer when she debuted her clothing collection “Serena by Serena Williams” to embrace and empower all women. Due to her love of fashion, it is no surprise she has a massive collection of large woman shoes. Along with her amazing athletic   physique, this shoe lover stands at 5’9” and wears a size 10.5 shoe. Like most women, Williams knows the importance that shoes has to every occasion on and off the court. Williams has given us many glimpse of her enormous shoe closet on via Instagram stories. She has so many rows in her large white standing shoe shelves. Her collection has a range of heels,flats,sandals, and of course sneakers. All of her extended size women shoes are arranged color coördinated and placed in a perfect viewing order. An owner of many expensive designer shoes that has us all envious of her. She keeps the collection far from simple, with various diverse shoe designs with different patterns and colors. William’s shoe obsession is a definite reason we never see her shoe game out of style. As a new mom to an adorable baby girl, Williams is committed to passing down her sense of style to her daughter. Williams revealed last year that she is actually saving her shoe collection for her daughter, Alexis. She also went on to say that she often adding new shoes to collection. Williams also discuss that she will be saving clothes as well to add to her future wardrobe. Alexis will definitely have many shoe choices to choose from once she grows up. Hopefully her daughter will be wearing extended women shoes one day when she’s ready to strut for the world. Due to her successful career as a tennis player, Williams scored many partnerships and endorsements with athletic footwear brands. Through these deals, she created her own line of athletic sneakers with Nike that also cater to big women's feet. She is constantly wearing sneakers for her tennis tournaments and workouts making her avid sneaker wearer. Even while wearing sneakers, she likes to keep her shoes colorful with funky designs to avoid being simple. Williams knows how to keep her sneakers fashionable even while breaking records during a competitive match. Being a pro athlete, means usually being in athletic apparel wear and not being dressed up. However, with Williams being a fashionista knows how to stay in style on court or at a red carpet event. She flaunts her stunning figure and big feet to any event with incredible stylish footwear. We can all take inspiration from Williams, that you can still look sexy and fashionable with large feet.


Oh my ! I didn’t know that there’s a shoe line for someone such as myself. I wear a size 11. It is so hard to find really cute shoes. I am not complaining, on the other hand I often say thank God I have feet. Some people don’t have feet at all. Be grateful if you do. IA the shoe line extremely expensive? Living on a fixed income trying to step up my shoe game to match my dress game. Enjoy your day.

— Everlyn

OMG! I didn’t know she has her on shoe line. I wear 10 and really like her shoes. The pumps wish she has with thick heel! Thanks Serna

— Gerald Morris