Are you struggling to stay stylish because your big feet just won’t make it easy for you? While extended feet can have challenges when it comes to fashionable footwear, it is possible for you to find cute shoes and look stylish all the time. Large feet should not limit your style and shouldn’t make you think of squeezing your feet into a smaller size. It is scaring to go up a size, but wearing the right shoe size is more important than you think. Here is how you can steal attention any time you step out despite wearing a big shoe size. Heels Look Elegant Having large feet limits you a little when it comes to shoe fashion. Some shoes are not comfortable for you and especially if you are curvaceous. However, girls with big feet can still rock heels. If your body needs something strong support, go for a sturdy heel like a block heel. Light weight girls have the freedom to wear heels including the pin-thin ones as long as they are comfortable and the shoe fits properly. Heels make your feet look smaller than flat ones. Wedges and chunky heels are some of the best options and their style is timeless. Avoid Pointed Shoes At All Costs Even the daintiest feet will look long in pointy shoes. The shoes are also closely-fitting and not comfortable for large feet. If the size of your shoes keeps you up at night, pointy shoes are not for you. Instead, go for round or oval shaped shoes, they have a soft edge, which will make you look stylish and classy regardless of your shoe size. Wear Laced Shoes Large feet are either wide or narrow; whatever shape you have laced shoes are adjustable. The laces help to shape up your feet without squeezing them tightly. You need ample room for your feet, so create with laces. Shoes that you tie up are easy to match with pants, dress and skirts because they flatter your legs and feet beautifully. Highlight you feet Highlighting large feet may sound like a bad idea; nonetheless, it is the best way to look stylish. If you wear strapped shoes with embellishment, people will not notice the large feet, the elegance will leave them breathless. A good example is a shoe with shimmering bronzer that lies on top of the foot. It camouflages all your foot’s imperfections. You can walk confidently without fear of showing off those tootsies that you have struggled to hide for years. Dark Colors are the best Dark colors makes large feet look smaller and this makes you look stylish without making your large feet centre of attraction. Conclusion Feel free to break the fashion rules sometimes because there is no way to define the perfect shoe that can fit all large feet. If a style looks great on you, put it on and have fun.