You see it. The perfect pair of shoes that match your new dress. You rush over to the display, claw through the shoe boxes underneath it, ask the sales assistant to find you a pair in a larger size, and then learn that the shoes don’t come in a size larger than an 8. Your heart sinks. Your perfect pair of shoes can never fit your big sized feet. This isn’t the only problem a woman with big feet experiences. Look through the following list of #Bigfeetproblems Maybe you’ve been teased about the size of your feet your whole life. Perhaps you’ve endured being called Bigfoot, Fiona the Ogre, and any other cruel nickname someone came up with. Possibly some of your friends have even tried on your shoes and been shocked at how big they are. #Bigfeetproblems There’s always THAT sales lady. You know the one. The wide-eyed sales person who says, “I’ll need to see if we even carry that big of a shoe size.” Of course, the store doesn’t and neither does any other cute boutique that your smaller shoe sized friends can shop at. #BigFeetproblems You’ve finally found a cute pair of dress shoes that are comfortable and don’t make your feet look too big. You wear them all the time, with every dress, and every night out on the town. You’ve forced and jammed your big feet into a cute pair of pumps that you knew were too small for you too many times before. Your blistered, sore feet paid the price for those times. #Bigfeetproblems Sometimes it’s not just shoes that don’t fit. It’s socks too. Your toes have poked holes in socks that were too short. #Bigfeetproblems When you pack for a trip, your shoes take up more than half the room in your suitcase. Roll up your clothes and put other items inside them to save space in your suitcase. #Bigfeetproblems Watch your step when you walk. Sometimes you might trip over your big feet as you walk down the street or down stairs. If you fall, stand up, dust yourself off, and hold your head up high. #Bigfeetproblems. Even though your big feet might cause you problems, they still need some love. After all, they do carry you around all day. Keep your feet moisturized. Soak your feet in warm water at night. Smooth your calluses with a pumice stone. You might have #Bigfeetproblems, but you can also have #Bigfeetbeauty. Remember, you’re not the only woman that needs large women shoes. Smart, beautiful, talented women like Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin, Oprah Winfrey, Cindy Crawford, Michelle Obama, and many more women need extended size women shoes. So you’re not alone with #Bigfeetproblems.