Almost every woman has a body part she feels slightly or mainly ashamed of. This is the same thing that happens with big feet; ladies make a mountain out of a molehill. There is no need to scrutinize each part of your body and compare it to the famous models. Some of these beauties have their shortcomings, but they choose to highlight the best features in them. Sometimes no one even notices your big feet. So what is the solution? Love your big feet and avoid spending time and energy trying to camouflage them. Instead, accentuate your excellent features, and no one will concentrate on your over-size feet. There are different ways to wear those big shoes proudly and lovingly including: Choosing the Best Shapes Some shoes look bad on large feet and especially flats. But, flats are big feet girls’ best friend. Currently, it is easier to find fabulous shoes than it was a decade ago. They are designed nicely and will not exaggerate your foot length. These designs include loafers, groovy oxfords, and chic ballet shoes. With flat shoes, a tall girl will easily fit in crowds and does not have to look down at others. Some say such height is non-feminine especially in dating, but for the love of your big feet, get past that and enjoy where you feel the chemistry. You Are Not Alone in This Women with big feet feel humiliated sometimes. Now, if you are stuck and still feeling ashamed of your big feet, know that you are not the only one with extended feet. Many successful women have moved beyond their big feet. They are over size 10 and still rock the latest shoe trends. They include Veruschka, who is a famous model, Khloe Kardashian, Kendell Jenner, Paris Hilton, Serena Williams, Heidi Klum, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, Uma Thurman, Geena Davis, Katie Holmes, Cindy Crawford, Kate Winslet, and Maria Sharapova among many others. All these ladies are nothing but fabulous because they have not allowed their big size feet to define them. Wear More Feminine Clothes Wear more feminine clothes to get the girl look you want. Though wearing pants does not change your look, some stereotypes might make nasty comments about how tall they make you look. Wearing dresses and makeup attracts attention more and reduces the concentration given to your feet. Pamper Your Feet Treat your big feet with a professional pedicure. It is an awesome way to pamper your feet and keeps them looking pretty. All the calluses are removed, cuticles trimmed and nails reshaped. Conclusion Tall girls with large feet do not realize how their extended feet keep their knees in good health. Apart from supporting body weight, helping you move and giving you balance; big feet also absorb motion shocks more effectively. Love your big feet and adore them in every way possible; they are a rare asset for a beautiful woman.


Mary Njogu is a writer who loves fashion and gardening when not writing. She is a botanist who is passionate about fashion trends. Mary writes from home while raising her two boys but nothing about fashion bypasses her. She is a fashion fanatic!