Do you wear an extended size women 11 shoe? Have you wondered who are the other women in the world that wear large women shoes as well? Search no further, these fab five women are smart, successful, and they are all in the public eye. These ladies are also unique in looks and style, and yet they have two things in common—they are famous and wear a size 11 shoe.   Uma Thurman Model and actress, Uma Thurman, is famous for her roles in Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill films. She’s been referred to as Director Quentin Tarantino’s muse since he adored her feet. At a celebrity roast, she toasted to Tarantino with her stiletto and allowed him to drink champagne from her size 11 high heel shoe. Talk about friendship! Whoopi Goldberg While discussing Kate Winslet’s shoe size on The View, actress and talk show host, Whoopi Goldberg revealed that she wore a size 11 shoe. She recently attended the Oscars in a stunning gown and combat boots. Whoopi loves to be comfortable, and her boots were a bonus of comfort with her designer dress. Whoopi knows how to be unique in her size 11 boots! Meg Ryan   According to John Mellencamp, his fiancé, actress, Meg Ryan is “the funniest woman he ever met.” There is no denying that if you have seen her romantic comedies: When Harry Met Sally, Joe Versus the Volcano, and French Kiss. Meg Ryan, known for her golden hair and signature smile, is part of the fabulous size 11 shoe club. Oprah Winfrey   Actress, TV Host, and Author, Oprah Winfrey wears size 11 shoes. Oprah discussed her shoe size years ago when she hosted the Oprah Winfrey show. A woman in the audience complimented her shoes, and Oprah revealed her big women shoe size. You can watch the clip here. Kate Winslet Actress Kate Winslet stands 5’6” and comes from a family with larger feet than her. Her shoe size is an 11, but she claims her mother is a size 13. Kate also revealed that her Titanic co-star, Leo DiCaprio, got a kick out her feet being the same size as his! Thank you, Uma, Whoopi, Meg, Oprah, and Kate for sharing with the world your extended women shoes sizes! These women are leaders in style and grace on the big screen and in the public eye, declaring that they can gracefully lead the way with their fabulous size 11 feet.


Wendy Williams also wears à size 11 shoe.

— Crystal Cannon