While 2020 may be the pits, for the most part, there are some great shoe trends that just might make you feel it’s worth getting up and getting dressed in the morning. It’s easier to break in new shoes today than ever before since you can wear them around the house longer. But once you are ready to hit the streets, your feet will be ready with some of the biggest shoe trends of the year.

Trend 1: Chain Accents

Forget about wearing an anklet. Just get shoes that have built-in chain accents to make a statement or give a delicate sparkle to the shoe. Chains appear on sleek boots, strappy sandals, and everything in between. Even better, if you see a pair of shoes you like and find a chain you adore, you canpair them together yourself for something completely unique.

Trend 2: Now Loafers

When you think about loafers, you might remember the pair your grandpa always wore. But loafers are making a comeback—in a new way. New loaferscome in chunky heels, sling back styles, and everything in between. After a major makeover, the loafer is a classic shoe that is once again cool.

Trend 3: Boots With Color

Black boots are always going to be in style, but having boots give your outfit an extra pop of color makes things even more interesting this year. Brighten up an otherwise monochromatic outfit with a sunny shade of yellow, a bright blue, or even a shiny red to give the look something unexpected and brilliant.

Trend 4: Shoes That Tie

While there’s always going to be a place for sneakers, the shoe trends of 2020 are for ties on every other shoe. Lace up sandals that tie around the ankle, tie shoes around the pants, and take a few risks with this inspiring trend.

Trend 5: High Platforms

High heels certainly can make the legs look great, but they can be hard to wear for a long time, too. Platform shoes, on the other hand, give you the style you want this year with the height you demand. And you don’t have to take just high heel looks. Platforms are coming in sandals, boots, and other shoes to give you a fully rounded set of options.

Trend 6: Mary Janes Return

Mary James are always a classic, but they are making a comeback in whimsical designs today that are playful and on trend. They work in the office, but put in a pair in a unique color with a pointy toe and you can wear them to the clubs as well.

These are just a few of the things to play around with this year. Whether you’re leaving the house much or not, your shoes can make you feel like youhave somewhere to go.