What’s in your closet? What should be in your closet? There could be a vast difference between those two questions. If you want to have the things in your wardrobe that you really need, perhaps stock up on these 10 pieces.

1-Quality Jeans

This is something that never goes out of style, whether you like skinny or oversized fits. Having a good quality pair of jeans will last you a long time and make you feel like yourself whenever you wear them.

2-That Go-To Dress

Whether it’s black, white, or any other color, every woman should have a dress they can wear during the day or at night. Add a sweater and wear it to work. Change the shoes to heels and go out and have drinks with the girls.

3-Well-Fitted Bras

It’s a good idea to get professionally measured so you can find a bra that actually fits well and supports you just right. It will make all of your close fit and feel better.

4-Sunglasses You Adore

Sunglasses are an accessory that needs to go with every outfit you wear. You’ll want to find the right sized frame for your face in the shape that suits you so you can grab them and go no matter what else you have on.

5-Comfortable Pajama Sets

These might be the items you are living in these days and when you buy a set, it feels like a treat. Whether you like satin, knit, or cotton, you need these to unwind in the evening. And if you wear them all day, too, we won’t judge.

6-A Work Tote

While you might have a lot of different purses, what you take to and from work might be the most important one. You have to have everything in it that you need for the day, whether that’s your wallet, your charger, a snack, or something else. Choose something conservative and nice looking for to and from your job.


These popular pants are able to make you look as good as you feel, and they can be worn in many different situations today.

8-A Swimsuit

You’ll WearWhile you might have plenty of swimsuits in your closet or drawer, how many of them will you actually wear? You need one that you’ll wear willingly and even feel good in.

9-That White T-Shirt

It’s simply and classic, and you can wear it with anything. Dress it up with a pencil shirt or change your personality by placing it under a leather jacket. It’s a common wardrobe item so you need a good one.

10-Power Shoes

This can mean different things to different women. You’ll know them when you find them. They’re the shoes you wear when you want to have extra confidence and a lick of power in your step.