You saw it in a store window, and you had to have it. You didn’t where you would wear it and, as it turns out, you never will. Many shoppers buy items they think would be useful—someday, but then never (or at least rarely) wear them. Here are a few such pieces.

Off The Wall Shoes

When you see these shoes, they are stunning. They stand out and they will make any outfit look like something truly unique. Perhaps they have a flame coming out the back of some other aspect of them is something you’ve never seen before. The weirder, the better. However, when you put the shoes on, they hurt. Or perhaps they are too loud to work with anything else in your closet. You may have one outfit they go with, but you rarely wear them...if ever.

Super Dressy Clothes

You want to look nice and in style, but when you buy something that has top of the line quality or a name brand that you splurged on, you might be too afraid to wear it. It might mean shoes that cost more than a month’s mortgage or an outfit that is pristine in every way. You love it. You want to wear it. But what if something happens to it? You invested a lot in it, and you are protective of it. Too protective to get your use out of it, unfortunately.

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Most people have a goal weight or size that they want to be. But the fact of life is that getting to those goals can be really hard. It’s better to wait until you reach a goal and then reward yourself with the perfect outfit instead of getting clothes that don’t fit and hoping they will someday. Buying pieces like that means you will probably never wear them.

Pieces That Don’t Fit Your Life

You buy a piece because you love it, but if you don’t think about your lifestyle, it might end up taking up room in your closet since you probably won’t ever wear it. If you get some decorative sweaters, but then realize that you really only ever wear sweatshirts and jeans in the fall, those sweaters will go to waste. It’s best to fit your choices with your lifestyle and comfort level, whatever that might be.

We all do it. We find something we love, and we rush to the cash register with it. We have to have it. But there are some purchases that might be better left behind if we aren’t going to actually utilize the item in hand. Consider with care before you let something lovely languish in your closet unused.