Fashions come and go as the years pass—and as new seasons come in. This
year, there are plenty of fall fashions that you can wear at home...where
most people are holding up much of the time anyway. Designers seemed to
know something like this was coming and they have styled their runways
with comfort and class. Here are some of the trends you might wear at home
this fall.

Quilted Coats

Quilted coats are great for fall weather. They can stave off a chill and look
good when doing so. They also make you feel like you are wrapped up in a
warm blanket, which works well at home. When the chill of the fall air works
its way into your home, grabbing a quilted coat to throw on instead of
switching on the heat can bring a touch of cozy to your day, even if you don’t
go anywhere at all.

Coordinated Sets

Matching loungewear was all anyone wanted to wear when they were
quarantined at home and the fashion world listened to what was big. Some
of the largest names on the market have stocked up on coordinated sets that
can be worn inside or outside of the house. There are some that looks more
like sleepwear, but there are also matching skirt and turtleneck sets that,
while comfortable, are also appropriate for the online meetings you have to
have over your computer’s camera.

Loose Tailoring

While sometimes trends are for things to be perfectly fitted, this fall, having
an untailored look is bigger. The boyish alternatives with baggy pants,
sneakers, and oversized blazers is actually all the rage as people attempt to
peak out of their house and head back into the working world. These things,
however, are the height of comfort at home and are something you can put
on to feel dressed, yet not too overdressed.

Layered Knits

Sweaters aren’t a new thing, but this season’s take on them is definitely
fresh. The key here is to layer the knitted sweater wear to double or even
triple layers to get the right look. Place a fitted sweater under an open
button-down sweater and double the warmth as well as the style.

Carpet Prints

Do you have a rug you love so much you’d wear it? That’s kind of how the
trends are going this year. Sweaters or coats or even big carpet dresses are
like wearing a piece of home, whether you leave the house or not.