Who wouldn’t love to go on an adventure in a beautiful country and leave their worries behind? Apparently, traveling is good for the mind and soul. The change of environment brings relaxation, inner peace, and better perspectives. However, while you are enjoying your holiday and celebration travels, nature could be suffering because of it.

In 2018, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reported about 1.32 billion global tourist arrivals. This soaring number of travelers each year can highly contribute to greater carbon emissions if not mitigated by promoting eco-friendly travel.

Here are some tips to have an eco-friendly trip to your favorite destinations:

  1. Choose an eco-friendly transport and fly less.

Based on a 2019 statistics, aircraft emits 90 kg carbon dioxide per hour in its flight, so it is better to take a one-time long flight than numerous short flights. But if you have an option to take public transportation, it is beyond better to take trains and buses. These are considered eco-friendly means of transportation. If possible, rent a bike or just take a walk for a short distance destination.


  1. Bring only what’s necessary for your trip.

Only bring things that are essential in your trip like clothes, phone, undergarments, etc. Studies show that avoiding excess weight in the plane or considering light luggage can make a huge difference when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. Heavier loads require more fuel.

  1. Look for green hotels and accommodations.

A hotel is considered environmentally sustainable if it is certified green by the state or local government. These buildings usually take a traditional approach when it comes to its structure and design. Green hotels are also popular for using renewable energy and equipping their facilities with organic materials.

  1. Bring a tumbler.

Instead of buying bottled water during your trip, consider bringing a tumbler with you. There are lots of available water re-fillers in some hotels, so getting water won’t be any hassle to you. Buying bottled water is harmful to the environment as it takes decades for plastic containers to decompose. A 2019 survey shows that people around the world buy a total of 1.5 billion bottles per day and only 20 percent is recycled. Bringing your own small water container can actually help!

  1. Go for an environmental-friendly adventure.

Today, it is healthier and more fun to do physical activities that get you closer to nature. Hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, and camping let you appreciate nature’s beauty more and understand the need to preserve it. All these activities are done in natural settings; no need for expensive hotels.

Do you have a fun holiday trip to plan? Try to assess the activities you are going to do while on vacation. While it’s important to have fun, always consider how your actions will impact the environment. Don’t forget to apply these eco-friendly tips when you travel!