Having big and long feet is a huge bother for some women. But, did you know most people do not even notice how large your feet are unless they are selling your shoes? This is because you are the only one who has the vantage point of seeing the entire length of your feet.

What’s more, feet sixes have a small difference. So, if you wear a size 10, you are only an inch bigger than size 7. Besides, there are stylish, and celebrity personalities like Kendall Jenner who wear size 11 and they look fabulous and elegant. Thanks to their ability on how to choose shoes that make long feet look short that’s why they are glamorous all the time, and no one notices their large feet.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Rounded Shoes versus Pointy Shoes

Pointy shoes tend making even tiny feet appear long. Persons with big feet should stay away from them at all costs. Instead, they should wear rounded shoes as they make feet look shorter.

  • Heeled Shoes versus Flat Shoes

Although heels are not considered perfect for everyone, they definitely make big feet look smaller. Chunky heels and wedges accomplish this much better than stiletto heels. Another advantage of chunky heels and wedges is that they are comfortable to wear even for long hours. The height of the heel is not a major factor; choose what you feel comfortable to wear and walk around with.

  • Dark Colored Shoes

Shoes in dark colors make your feet appear smaller than shoes in light shades. With this said, you do not have to limit yourself to black shoes only as grey shoes, and darker versions of red, purple, blue and green are also an excellent choice.

  • Blending Your Shoes with the Outfit

Another tip to make big feet look smaller is ensuring the shoes match with your outfit. For example, when wearing a dress or a skirt, go for nude shoes. They will not draw much attention to your feet. And if wearing tights and pants consider shoes that will blend with the outfit’s color and avoid anything contrasting. Blending your shoes with the outfit really helps as they avoid reduce attention drawn to your feet

With all the tips above for making feet look smaller what is more critical is rocking what you feel comfortable with and still look fabulous. Try a different type of shoes until you get the right one.