Summer is just around the corner, meaning we begin to toss out our jeans and bring out our luscious legs. Many women often spend countless hours every week grooming their legs to keep them looking in tip top shape. However, many often forget the importance of keep our legs toned and fit. Having gorgeous, smooth legs are great for our appearance but keep them toned is vital for our health. Our legs are not only neccesary for looking great in strappy heels but to support the foundation of the ouf our bodies. There is still plenty of time left to get our legs ready to soaked in the sun. This will required the best leg workouts to really get them toned and ready for any occasion. I have put together the best leg workouts that are effective and will help you get the legs you have always wanted.

These workouts will only work with consistent effort with a regular fitness routine to see immediate results. You will not want to skip leg day workouts if you want to see a great difference in your legs. So get ready to feel the burn and build your strength with the great workouts.


This is the most popular workout when it comes to toning legs and lifting the buttock area. For a good form, you stand with feet distance apart and upper body held upright into a great posture.You then begin to bend at the knees, while squatting in a chair sitting stance. The deeper you go into your squat, the stronger your legs will become.

Side Lunges

Lunges is a fun way to  help get a rounder buttock and striking legs. You begin this workout by standing in a squat stance but instead of bending your knee. You will step to the right and lunge your knee down to the floor. Starting back to the original stance, you will push back up and will repeat form to the other side.

Wall Sit

Want to toned your legs and burn your quad area at the same time? This one is great for gaining strength and toning your thigh muscles and melting off belly fat. All you need is a wall and your body for this workout. Start by positioning your body into squat stance up against the wall. Hold the stance for 1 minute to feel the burn. This is a simple yet tough workout, so hang in there.


Anytime we can tone the buttock,core,and hamstrings at the same time, that is something we all can get a part of. Begin by lying on the floor and placing your feet distance apart with the knees up. Start by raising the hips by pushing off of your heels. The higher and longer you hold in this stance, the more effective the results will be. The goal is to never let the buttock touch the ground and stay in this place for a minute. This will allow the body to feel te burn and get your legs perfectly shaped the way you want.

Single-Leg Lift

This one will need some form of weight so it will be very effective. A dumbbell or water bottle offers great weight support for this workout.  To begin, hold a dumbbell in your left hand, stand on your right leg and begin extending your left leg behind you until torso is toward the floor.  You will enter into an 90 degree angle before going back into the original stance. You will switch the dumbbell to the right hand and begin repeating exercise on right leg.