For most us when going for shoe shopping, we look for well-fitting shoes that fall within our budget. To others, shoe shopping is a leisure activity or something they do daily. However, despite how each one of us shops for shoes, buying the right pair is not easy.

Some people spend a lot of money on their feet, but they buy the wrong type of shoes because they just don’t know the right cut for them especially those with extended feet. Here are tips to help during shoe shopping.

Know Your Foot Type

For you to understand which type of shoe suits your feet know your foot type. Generally, feet are categorized into three types namely, highly-arched, neutral foot and flat feet. To identify the category, you belong to, wet your feet and stand on something to leave your footprint.

People with high-arched feet stand in a way that places their weight outside the body, and therefore they should go for a cushioned shoe with a cushioned midsole. They are more comfortable for the high arched feet.

For neutral foot, weight is distributed evenly across the feet. Shopping for these feet is the easiest as you need equal parts support and comfort. The shoes should be neither too rigid nor too soft.

Flat feet are more flexible as the weight is distributed in the inside. This may sound good, but the foot is more prone to injuries when running or engaging in activities that require swift movements. So you need heavy and stiff shoes as they stabilize and restrict movements.

Shop at the Right Time of the Day

The best time to shop for shoes is in the afternoon or after an exercise. This is the time when your feet are likely to be enlarged therefore ensures you get the perfect size

Check and confirm that every shoe leaves some space

Tightly fitting shoes are a wrong fit; buy shoes that leave some space for your feet. Being oversize 10 does not permit you to buy the smallest shoe you can squeeze your feet into. Make sure you can wiggle your toes when wearing the shoe.

Buy Shoes That Protect Your Soles

What’s more, check the sole to ensure it protects your feet against harmful objects and hosts them comfortably.

In addition to the few tips above, it is essential to be patient when shopping for large women shoes and avoid settling for just any that comes your way. Ensure what you choose is comfortable enough.