Let’s be honest. Some people don’t like big feet. Long ago, in some parts of Asia, foot binding was a common practice. A smaller foot size was considered a sign of beauty. Women would tightly wrap their feet until they were too painful to walk on so their foot size would become smaller. In our current times, women squish and push their feet into shoes that are way too small for their size. After they take their feet out of them, they have blisters, sore toes, bruised ankles, and cuts where too small straps buckled around their wider feet. What are these practices for? Just so women with big feet can be considered successful and beautiful too? Maybe it’s time to silence the big feet haters once and for all!

Any and every bully needs to be silenced. Remember this acronym to get your bullies to stop picking on your big feet.

Bystanders hold the key.

Open your mouth.

Stand up for yourself and others.

Stick together

The “B” in the acronym means that if the people around the bully aren’t joining in, then the bully will lose steam and walk away. Open your mouth and stand up for yourself! Tell the bully all the benefits of having big feet and the famous people who have them! Stand up for yourself and others with big feet. The more people who are with you, the less people will be against you. Stick together and remember you are not alone. There are plenty of women who wear extended size shoes!

List the women who wear extended size women’s shoes. These women are beautiful, powerful, talented, and athletic. Women like Michelle Obama, Cindy Crawford, Missy Franklin, Serena Williams, Kate Winslet, Elle Macpherson, and many other women buy large women’s shoes.

With your big feet, you probably have better balance and better weight support then your smaller foot bully. That means you can stand up straight and tall while you hurl facts about the benefits of having big feet.

The saying, “Never marry a woman with big feet,” comes from a Sena proverb. In some Asian areas, small feet are signs of beauty and social status. However, the more men that tell their sons that big feet are beautiful, the more desired big feet will be.

Bigger feet also make bigger and better weapons. Large woman shoes have a bigger surface area than smaller size shoes. Your bully better watch out if you plan on sending a kick their way!

Bullies are everywhere. Now you have the responses to make them see big feet ARE beautiful Women with big feet have been picked on and ridiculed for years that now it’s time to stand up to big feet bullies!