Let’s face it; as women, what we wear on our feet is always being judged. It doesn’t really matter if the shoes we wear hurt our feet, as long as they look cute. However, celebrities have found a little way to make wearing cute heels and other shoes a bit more comfortable. Next time you watch stars walk down the red carpet, take a closer look at their feet. You are likely to notice that many women are choosing to wear a shoe that is obviously too big.


Why would you wear a shoe that is bigger than your foot? Is this some new fashion trend that celebrities have started? There is a bit more to it than that. These women are smart! Wearing a shoe that is a bit too long or wide helps prevent their feet from swelling and getting blisters.


When was the last time you went out all night in heels? Chances are your feet were a bit swollen afterward, and you likely ended up with a blister or two. Celebrities often have to wear heels for hours, at times, all night. When they do this, there is a good chance that their feet are going to start to swell. Wearing a shoe that is a bit too big, allows room for their feet to expand without pinching them. Larger sandals or pumps will not pinch, rub, or squeeze your feet because they do not put pressure on the areas of the feet that are the most vulnerable.


How do you Keep Bigger Shoes On?


Now that you know why celebrities are wearing shoes that are too big for them, you may be wondering how do you possibly keep these bigger size shoes on your feet? One trick that celebrities often use to keep their shoes from sliding off their feet is to use silicone pads inside of the heels. This will help the shoe fit snugly on the foot, will not restrict circulation, and will help keep your feet from swelling. You can cut these pads to fit into any size shoe, so you will not have to worry about anyone noticing your little trick.


Another option is to use double-sided tape. This tape will help keep your foot in place all night long.

Of course, many celebrities will wear heels that do not fit properly with a longer maxi dress, and the hem will cover up the shoes, so they do not even have to worry about hiding anything they use to make the pump stay on. However, the trick of wearing shoes that are a bit too big has almost become a trend, so many stars do not even bother trying to hide their secret from the public.

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