There are plenty of things you could get carried away with in this world. Some people go overboard on nail care…visiting a manicurist for a new fancy design weekly. Others have jewelry to match every mood and even different times of the day. And then…there are the shoe addicts. And what’s wrong with having a few extra pairs of shoes? We all have feet, right? Here are six reasons why this is one addiction that is completely understandable. Reason 1: Shoes Change Moods Ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Then, you got ready, put on that fabulous pair of shoes you bought last week, and the whole day had a new outlook. Shoes have a way of changing moods. You wear sneakers when you’re determined to go out for a run, comfortable heels when you have a presentation at work, and strappy sandals when it’s time to hit the store for more shoes. Your mood can change and even be defined by your shoes. Now that’s power! Reason 2: You Can Build An Outfit Around Shoes Usually, you would put together an outfit and then find a pair of shoes that goes with it. But that doesn’t have to be the case. When you find a stunning pair of shoes, they are the eye catcher. You start there and build up. It gives you a new outlook on fashion and a new way to highlight what you love most—those beautiful shoes. Reason 3: Shoes Wear Out—There’s Always A Reason To Buy More Shoes have a finite lifespan. When you find a pair you love, you’re going to wear them out. That’s all the more reason to buy two pairs of the same thing when you know you’re going to enjoy them frequently. Shoes are easier to justify buying than other things because you will genuinely need them. Reason 4: Choose Your Own Height It doesn’t matter how short or tall you are, you get to choose if you are going to stand at your normal height, or one that is several inches (or more) above where you normally measure—all because of your shoes. It’s fun to be able to mix things up about the way your body stands based on your footwear. Reason 5: Shoe Shopping Releases Dopamine Whether you realize it or not, when you find a killer pair of shoes, your brain releases that feel good chemical that makes you want more of that rush. Buying shoes is satisfying. Reason 6: Shoes Tell A Story Do you remember the shopping trip with your sister when you found your first pair of heels? The loafers you wore when you got that great job? Shoes are an integral part of your life and they can truly tell a story. These are just a few reasons why shoe addictions are prevalent, and growing. And that’s okay! Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit Share on tumblr Share on digg Share on stumbleupon

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