n it be true? Did we learn important fashion tips during our Kindergarten year? Let’s find out…

Pick the right outfit for the occasion 

In Kindergarten, there are dress-up days galore, with holidays and special events. We learned early on it’s essential to wear the right outfit for the right occasion.

Don’t choose the wrong shoes

As little ones, we need the right shoes at the right time, just like adults. Open-toed shoes are not for playtime. Cute sandals will go with the perfect dress. Yes, and yes!

It’s okay if she/he has the same outfit as you

When Kinders come to school, and someone is wearing the same dress or shirt, it is the best! They can be twinsies or best buddies for the day because they match! As adults, we should be flattered we have a likable fashion sense!

It’s all about the perfect bag

In Kindergarten, kids always want the best backpack and lunch bag. It has to be their favorite color or have their favorite character. It’s the same for adults. We have to love our bags, and the more we love it, the more we use it. The right color and style can go with any outfit.

The right pose can do wonders

It’s an all-year photoshoot for Kindergarteners for memory books and slide shows. They understand that the perfect pose and smile is a memory to be captured. Arms up, teeth flashing, say cheese! We know the right fashion pose does wonders for a selfie!

Be comfortable and Fashionable

Little students have to sit on carpets, run on the playground, walk around the school, and sit properly at desks. They understand comfort goes a long way with what they choose to wear. As adults, we know that comfort is a must with a long day on the job.

Always have the right fit

As a little one, it’s important to have the right fit. Kids can’t have shirts falling off their shoulders or their pants sagging when they are playing at the park. Same goes for grown-ups! The right fit matters. Bulky clothing or clothes too tight can give your body the wrong look and comfort.

Color matters

Little ones like to wear bright colors that make them happy. Same goes for adults! The happier the color, the happier our day. We understand color coordination is everything for a stylish outfit.

The Everyday Jacket is a must

The weather changes year-round, and the little ones have a jacket for all occasions. It can be worn for fall, winter, and spring, and a solid color that goes with any outfit. Grown-ups can so relate.

Fashion accessories are everything

At the age of five, it’s all about the bling! The shinier and brighter, the better. All the kids will want to touch it, wear it, and share it. We bring this tip with us into our adult fashion, with the perfect necklace, bracelet, earrings, purse, scarf, or hat. We love our bling and bright colors to complete the perfect outfit.

So did we learn important fashion tips during our Kindergarten year? I’m going to give it a resounding, “Yes!” In Kindergarten, we are introduced to independence and first experiences, so it’s not too far off to say fashion knowledge began during this memorable school year.

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