We all have multiple pairs of them. And they are fit for any occasion whether you are casual, going to work, hitting a club, or dressed up for a fancy wedding. They come with buckles, glitter, sequins, charms, and more. They are made with materials like: velvet, leather, silk, and much more. What are they? Shoes! Here are some reasons why we love them so dang much!
  1. Shoes show an aspect of our individual personalities. A pair of shoes is a choice we each make to wear everyday. Some days we choose not to wear dressy ones other days we choose to where a sleek pair of high-heeled boots. Shoes are the Gateway into what we are feeling that day and our individual way of expressing ourselves.
  2. Shoes off and have a symbolic meaning to them. Sometimes they show Power or authority. Simple shoes show humility or servitude. In fact, shoes are so important to some religions that they are required to be taken off before entering a place of worship to show humility and reverence.
  3. Shoes help women stand tall. When you wear the correct pair of shoes,: like high heels,: they can help you not look slouchy. Not only that, but wearing high heels can tone your butt and your legs. Some shoes, like a nude color pair of heels, can even make your legs look longer and leaner.
  4. Let’s face it,; sometimes we gain weight without intending to. Suddenly, your jeans won’t zipper up. Your tummy sticks out a little between the buttons of a classic work shirt. Thankfully though, your shoes will fit if you gain some weight. Your favorite pair of velvet high heels or bright colored flats still look perfect even if you gained a few pounds.
  5. Shoes are our mood boosters. Yes, it can be frustrating to find shoes in large women sizes. So when we do, the doors to Heaven open up and a choir of angels sings in the background. Shoes make us happy. Most of us can’t afford a piece of fine art, but we can afford shoes. Shoes are our own individual pieces of art. They are our statement to the world.
  6. Shoes dress up any look. If you are wearing a pair of jeans and a casual black T-shirt, put on a pair of heels or wedges to dress up a look. A simple black dress turns into a fancy evening out with the right pair of shoes. Shoes transform you into royalty. Remember Cinderella? All she really needed was a pair of glass slippers to fit, and she became a princess.
Shoes mean something to us. They are our stamp on the world. Each individual shoe print is an individual signature that says, “I was here, and I am stamping my uniqueness on the world!”