Having big feet can be an inborn condition, or it can develop as a result of weight gain, age or even pregnancy. Women with big feet face numerous challenges when shopping for shoes. This is because most ladies’ shoes come in smaller sizes than men’s. Women with big feet end up wearing sneakers most of the time; not because they love them, but they are readily available in large sizes. Below are tips on how to shop when you have big feet. Planning Before You Go For Shopping Shop online or check in fashion magazines before you hit the stores. This enables you to visit different shops and also have time to try on various shoes. When you have plenty of time to shop, you can try the shoes and return the ones you do not like until you get the perfect size and style. Being in haste makes you settle for shoes that do not fit well or are less appealing. Besides, shopping in the afternoon is advantageous as the feet are usually enlarged. Therefore, the shoes fit better. Know the Shoes to Avoid Avoid slip-on and pointy shoes. These shoes are tempting for ladies with big feet but they are the worst choice. They make the feet slide forward and crowd in the toe box and making you look like you have extraordinarily big feet than they really are. Pointy shoes enlarge even the smallest feet, so they are a no go zone for girls with large feet. As much as this type of shoes is a trendy style for women, do not try them at all. The Best Choices Any female with big feet should settle for shoes with a closure system such as laces. Laced shoes enable you to adjust the shoe's fitting and tend to make big feet look smaller by enclosing them. Besides, your feet will not slide forward in the toe box because it is fully contained. You should also buy shoes with removable insoles so that you make room for your feet any time you need to. What’s more, dark colored shoes stylishly camouflage your big feet. So, go for the trendiest black, grey, dark blue or any other dark colored shoes you can find. Big feet are easy to shop for, all you need is to put some effort, and you will get beautiful and girly pairs of shoes. Use the tips above, and in time, your shoe rack will be home to many pairs of shoes just for you despite having large feet.