When it comes to fashion, being tall is seen as advantage over petite women.Unless your an runway model, that is the farthest from the truth especially when it comes to clothes.Having all those extra inches comes with an struggle of finding pants or dresses that come pass your knees.Thanks to Instagram and personal blogs, Tall women with the same issue now has an platform to help all the long-legged ladies out there. If you’re looking for fashion inspiration and styling tips, here are five fabulous bloggers who can help revamp your style.

Assa Cisse of My Curves and Curls - @mycurvesandcurls

Assa CisseA mother of two and plus size fashion blogger stands at at five feet tall and eleven inches. With her incredible style and luscious curls, she is an advocate for body positivity and women empowerment. Her message is for all women especially those tall curly haired to feel inspired and boost their confidence. She flaunts her curvy, sophisticated style through her flawless pictures on Instagram. Assa is the perfect example of embracing all your beautiful imperfections at any size.

Andy Torres of StyleScrapbook - @stylescrapbook

Andy TorresThis Mexican-born beauty stands at six feet tall and is not afraid to show off her long legs as she struts the world in high heels. She founded the StyleScrapbook blog over 10 years ago as an visual diary to document all the things she loved and to share her amazing styling tips. Her site has grown to become one of the leading fashion blogs where she shares her expertise of styling “high and low” fashion pieces together. If your style is chic and sporty then she’s your girl.

Cindy of Foreign Fresh Fierce - @foreign_fresh_fierce

CindyTexas born and raised Cindy has an eye for all things foreign,fresh, and fierce. This traveller and fashionista is always on the look for what’s new and fresh. When it comes to this fashion queen, do not expect to see a lot of designer wear. Growing up on a budget, inspired her to learn how to look fierce at an affordable price.  Especially at 5’11 she was determined to find stylish pieces that not only fits her daring height but her wallet. To learn more about this stunning beauty and her incredible style, check out her fantastic blog.

Jaclyn Ram of My View in Heels - @myviewinheels

Jaclyn RamThis Canadian now located in Dallas, sees life from different point of view than most. Aware of her 5’11 stature, Jaclyn knows how to style her gorgeous long legs with any outfit. A lover of heels and seeing life from a different standpoint, inspired her blog and its name. Her blog and instagram are flooded with her sophisticated and fun style while strolling the streets of Dallas. Jaclyn style fits all the needs for any sophisticated girl out there.

Nicole Simone of Curvesonabudget - @curvesonabudget13

Nicole SimoneLonia ShoesAs many know, plus size clothes are usually far from inexpensive. Women of voluptuous curves are often told they have to pay extra due to the extra fabric in their clothes. Nicole of CurvesOnaBudget did not take that as an answer. She was determined to find stylish and affordable plus size clothes. The mission of her blog is to create looks that are fabulous and affordable. Her platform has expanded to over a hundred thousand full figured women helping them learn how to look fabulous and sexy at any size. If you are curvy and looking for style tips then Nicole is your girl.