Most people have a limited income. You get a paycheck every month and that’s what you have to spend. If you could head to the shoe store with every dollar, that would be pretty amazing. But life doesn’t work that way. So how much should you really be spending on shoes? The
answer isn’t the same for every individual. Here are a few tips to help you decide:


Tip 1: Look At Your Budget

Take your monthly paycheck and siphon it out among the things you have to pay. You have rent
or a mortgage, utilities, and other such things that you pay on a regular basis. Once all of that is covered, how much do you have left over? You may still not want to use all of that on shoes, but perhaps a portion of it could go to a new pair each month.


Tip 2: Remember Needs And Wants

Some shoes are going to be things you need to purchase. Depending on where you work, you have to have shoes that look nice and go with certain outfits in order to remain professional.
But you may not necessarily have to have certain pairs. There are going to be those you simply want for weekend wear or for parties with friends. Get what you need first and whatever you
have leftover in your shoe budget can go for some of those wants.


Tip 3: Check Your Space

If you have a whole closet dedicated to just shoes, you’re lucky. But before you go out and buy a bunch of awesome pairs you had to have; check the space you have at home. There’s no point
in spending even more money on shoes if you don’t have the room to store them. It’s hard to do, but go through your collection and get rid of things you don’t wear—making space for new purchases. Perhaps you can even sell some of your good, barely worn pairs and that can help
you raise your budget for the wants and needs you have in the shoe department.


Tip 4: Get Quality Over Quantity

You can do two things with your shoe budget. One, you can go out and buy as many discount shoes as you can afford or two, you can buy fewer pairs that are higher in quality. It’s always best to get quality over quantity. Cheaper shoes don’t last, don’t look as good, and don’t fit right. When you go for quality, it’s money well spent in every department.

If you have a budget for shoes, you’re a serious shoe buyer. And you should be! Shoes are something you use on a daily basis and you should appreciate and enjoy them—all on a budget that is right for you.

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