Is there such a thing as a perfect closet? Large or small, closets can get rather, well, cramped…unorganized…downright cluttered. Use these tips to revamp your closet for the better.
1-Sort Into Sections
One way to make the most out of the space you have is to sort the closet into sections. Have the shoes in one area, the summer dresses in another, and the pantsuits in a third region. Then, you know just where to go for what you need without a problem.
2-Organize By Color
Once things are in sections, organize by colors to help you find what you want, when you want it. If you are putting an outfit together that needs a blue top, those will be simple to compare to one another.
3-Remove Duplicates
Most people gravitate towards certain closet items. But you don’t really need twelve white shirts, right? Take out the things that duplicate what you love the most. Maybe keep just a couple and get rid of the rest. That will give you more space for things you really adore—and things that are different.
4-Try Things On
As you go through the closet, try things on. Not only do you want to see what fits, but also what you still like. Don’t keep it if it doesn’t fit or if you don’t like it. Donate items or give them to others you know who would appreciate them.
5-Stack Folding Things
Lots of items can be stacked and folded easily enough. While you might want to hand shirts so they aren’t wrinkly, you can fold and stack jeans to make more hanging room for other items.
6-Take Notes
It’s a good idea to take notes as you look through your closet to see if there are any holes in your wardrobe that you need to fill. Everyone needs a little black dress, for example, and popping shoes to go with it. If you had to get rid of yours because it didn’t fit, make a list of things to get in the future.
7-Hang The Same Direction
You’ll want to hang every hanging option in the same direction so as you flip through the clothing, you can see it. That’ll cut down on time when you get dressed.
8-Get Organizing Devices
Depending on how your closet is set up, there are organizers that can help you. If you have a lot of shoes, you can get a shoe rack that hangs on the back of the door for some of them and shelving below the clothes for more. The organizers you choose will help you with clutter and organization.
9-Have In And Out Rules
If your closet is already fully, you can’t put more in it without taking something out. Have some rules for yourself, like if you buy a new dress, you have to get rid of an old one to make room. That will help you stay organized along the way. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on tumblr Share on reddit Share on stumbleupon Share on digg

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