Has anyone ever found that “perfect” pair of heels that makes everything feel okay in the world and just so happens to work with all of your outfits? If so, then hold onto that pair of shoes and buy 20 more. Not everyone can find the perfect heel and most don’t even know where to begin. Heels differ for every woman that wears them, so it’s important to know what to look for when buying them.


The Heel Height

The height of your heel is the most important thing when shoe shopping. If you can’t physically walk in 6-inch heels, then don’t buy them. There is nothing worse that someone who can’t walk in their shoes. Choose heel heights that make you feel confident, are sturdy, and something that you can spend more than 5 minutes walking in.

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The Heel Width


There are so many girls that can wear thin heels, but if you want support, then go for heels that are a little wider. These prove to be more comfortable, stable, and less likely to break. You feet need support, so don’t forget while choosing a heel width.

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The Shoe Width


Shoe width can be tricky. Most shoes seem to run narrow, so if your feet are wider, choose shoes that can accommodate the width. Don’t have your toes or any part of your feet hanging over the shoe. If you’re going to spend the money, wouldn’t you want your foot to at least fit the shoe? It sounds a little old school, but don’t be afraid to ask a sales associate to measure your foot and help pick out shoes that will be perfect for your feet.

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This is a huge concern of mine when it comes to all different shoes. I personally need tons of arch support or my feet will ache. This is when it’s wise to get shoes with a wider heel and some aspect of arch support. If you’re like me and suffer with the same issue, there are so many products on the line that can be added to the heel to give support when there is none.

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That’s it! When it comes to finding the right heel, take your time, and ask questions. There is always going to be someone to help you along the way. Remember, if you can’t make it down the show aisle in those heels, they’re not for you!





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