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I had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of Tallook, Nache Snow. Her blog specializes in the hottest season’s fashions specifically tailored for long and tall Sally’s like us. In a world where women with bigger feet have to choose from the leftover’s of the fashion fiesta it’s important to look out for one another and stay up on vogue. Nache’ keeps readers up to date on haute couture stores that cater to tall girl’s needs and gives daily tips on the perfect way to wear clothes and shoes for you. I was really inspired by her blog so I thought it only fitting to ask where Nache’s inspirations come from and find out a little bit more about the genius behind Tallook.


1) The world of blogging can be really competitive. What jump-started you into creating Tallook?


I started Tallook in March of 2010. That was right around the time fashion blogs began to get some traction. At that time, while out, I often had other talls ask me questions like: Where did you find jeans that long?  Where do you shop?


So I knew there was a need for a website that housed this information.

There were only one or two active tall bloggers, and I thought, maybe I can fill the void by sharing my fashion finds with other talls.


2) What everyday inspirations do you find in your blog?


I get my inspiration from everywhere. I have a graphic design background so I am also looking for textures, colors, and patterns that will look awesome in my designs, home, and clothes. My blog post are often inspired by my Pinterest finds. I always get ideas for different ways to mix and match clothes. Pinterest also gives me an indication of what’s in season and what people are looking for.


3) What's your prediction for upcoming footwear trends for the 2015 season?


One word, floral. I’ve seen so many variations of floral shoes this season. I predict that we’re going to see more of it. I even have an article featuring cute floral pointed shoes I picked up, making that my second pair.


4) Top 3 favorite shoe designers and why?


I love the Long Tall Sally’s brand of shoes. The fit and quality is awesome. Normally I can’t wear pointed shoes without them hurting after awhile, but I can where LTS’s all day long.


My second favorite brand is James Campbell. I love the funky style of this brand. When you can find them in large sizes it’s such a treasure.


Lastly, Franco Sarto. This brand makes the perfect stylish work shoe.


5) Can you give us some style tips for dressing up shoes that you believe all fashionistas should know?


If it’s a really cute shoe you have to show it off. That’s when I’ll pull out my ankle pants. If the shoes are cute enough people will realize I’m not flooding!


Another tip—let the shoe shine. If I have on some really bright red shoes for instance, I may wear all black or tan so the first thing people see are my shoes. I don’t care that I have big feet, I will show my shoes off.


6) What's your perspective on the struggle that women with larger feet face in today's fashion world?


Affordable options are the number one struggle. Everyone else can go to the mall and pick up some cute flats in less than 30 minute for $30. We have to order online and hope that (1) there are some cute options available and (2) that they fit.


7) How did growing up with larger feet impact your confidence as a young women? How did you overcome that barrier?


Ugh, it was a struggle and going to high school dances was the worst. I had big clunky shoes on where as all my friends had these cute pumps or stilettos. I never feel “pretty enough” because you couldn’t achieve the look I was going for. My shoes and outfits were never really my style, they were what was available.


I overcame it by “owning” the look. When my friends would make fun of my shoes or just have smart comments I would say what are you talking about … these are hot! I didn’t make excuses I just worked with what I had. As I got older more options became available, but it’s still a struggle. I was taught by my mom to stand tall and believe in yourself and that has been what’s carried me through.


8) What message would you give to young girls that have larger feet and are struggling with their own confidence?


Don’t hide them and don’t be ashamed of them. You know how people and animals can sense fear? People can also sense weakness and low self-esteem and often take advantage. If you believe in yourself and make the declaration that you won’t let other people’s comments or stares hurt you—you will be unstoppable. What will happen is they probably will be less likely to make those comments or in your response they’ll realize what they say can’t hurt you. It goes back to loving yourself and not being influenced by others.


9) How do you think Lonia sets themselves apart from other shoe brands?


Lonia is definitely on trend and gives big foot women an opportunity to look fabulous at events. The colors and patterns really make the shoe.


10) I know you think that all Lonia shoe are fab I mean who doesn't haha but if you had to choose a pair to wear everyday of the week which ones would you wear?


I love the Ethnic Print Flat. As a tall woman I believe we can and should rock heels, but for me I am always on the go so cute flats are a must. This flat has a cute gold tip, yellow sole, and an awesome ethnic pattern to bring it all together. I could rock it with a business suit or a maxi dress.


11) I have to say that I absolutely love the Tall Pledge. What values and encouragements do you want women and girls to really take from it?


Thanks! I wrote that because I wanted every tall gal that came to my site to stop settling for less. There is no excuse to not be fashionable, don’t settle for “ok” shoes or an “ok” wardrobe. Make an effort to wear clothes that represent you.


I also want people to be vocal. I often write to companies and ask them if and when they will sell my shoe size or carry clothes in taller sizes. I want them to know that they are missing a market. If more of us do it then maybe the industry will start to care.


12) What hopes do you have for the fashion industry in the future?


I hope that we can be better represented in the mall because sometimes you really need to pick up an outfit or pair of shoes at the last minute. I also hope tall clothing and shoe vendor’s keep up with the trends so talls or big-footed women can wear the items they see in magazines or Pinterest.

As a tiny tall I can say Nache’s message is the absolute truth! Whether you are a tiny tall, a midsize tall ,or a super tall girls and women alike everywhere no matter what you look like should take the Tall Pledge. We are more than just long limbs, heights, and shoes sizes and we sure aren’t ashamed. Tallook is a perfect example of the new age that’s about to take the industry by storm.I look forward to seeing what will come from Tallook next and Lonia’s new line of footwear dropping this fall!

If you want to share the Tall Pledge or take it for yourself go to Tallook.com and if you liked the article and want to know more on what’s next for Lonia follow us on twitter @@LoniaShoes and instagram @loniashoes and check us out at www.shadeekacampbell.com.



Olivia Gibson

 Olivia Gibson is currently an ambitious student from the Metro Atlanta area, who has future hopes of becoming established in the fashion industry for marketing and sales. Her passion for fashion started out at a young age. She knew who Ralph Lauren was before she knew her times tables. As the years went on, her interest in couture grew. Shoes are her specialty and there’s a part of her heart solely reserved for them. Fashion is her life and she could not imagine a future in anything else. Olivia enjoys writing about current industry trends and events in the ever changing world of fashion and entertainment. She eventually wants to impact the world positively and hopes that fashion will give her an outlet to do just that.