Sometimes our outfits, particularly our shoe game, are just too on point to not share with the world. Below are some tips on how to take the best shoe selfie, so that you can make all your Instagram and Twitter followers jealous with your perfectly-pictured fancy footwear.

Butt Out!

To get that perfect shoe shot, it is imperative that you stick out your tush. While it seems (and feels) odd, it actually gets your knees out of the shot, leaving a perfect aerial view of your cool kicks.

Background Check

Nothing ruins a selfie like an ugly wall or-gasp!-gum on the sidewalk. Look for clean floors or walls so that your shoes stand out. Want to up your game? Scout out some cool patterned backgrounds to give your shoes some extra pop. Brick sidewalks, tiled walls, fountains, and gardens are popular shoe selfie sites.

Lights, Camera, Selfie!

Nothing ruins a shoe selfie better than the glare from the flash on your fabulous patent leather pumps! Always make sure you have great lighting when taking a pic. Daytime is the best time to snap some cool shoe shots. However, if you are dying to take a pic of your nighttime kicks, make sure the flash is turned off so your pictures aren’t grainy or washed out.

Toe the Line

Nothing is more distracting than chipped toenail polish in an otherwise perfect shoe selfie. Before you show off your shoe game to the world, make sure your nail polish isn’t chipped or smudged. Or, you can always go au natural and leave the nail polish at home. Either way, your shoes will stand out and you will look put together and polished-no pun intended!

Clean Slate

Much like the toe nail polish, nothing ruins a selfie more than a scuff mark on patent leather, or dirt caked up on your Nikes. Ensure that your shoes are clean and mark-free before you pull out the camera.

Strike a Pose

Don’t just stand at attention! Have some fun with your shoe selfies. Cross your ankles to show off your dainty kitten heels, or turn one foot to the side to show off your shoe’s cool details. Play around and see which poses show off your shoes best. However, unless you’re showing off Christian Louboutin’s, leave the soles of your shoes out of sight.


Wear cute shoes and have fun! 




Rachael KuhlRachael Kuhl is an aspiring fashion journalist and certified shoe diva. After graduating from California State University, Fullerton with honors in both English and Film, Rachael decided to pursue her passion for fashion and became a shoe specialist. With tons of retail experience, and a love of all things shoe-related, Rachael devotes her time to shopping and writing about the latest, greatest, and best in the fashion world. When she’s not spending her paycheck on shoes, Rachael is either traveling the world or wine tasting with her friends.  


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