Development is a very important process for a society to thrive. The changes around us are relevant to our survival, from the new gadget releases we use at home and work to the big infrastructures that are standing now in our cities. But, all these, too, can blind us and sway us away from our responsibilities as stewards of nature. We get all caught up with the exciting things modern technology has to offer that we have slowly left nature behind to die on its own.

Technology is everything but healthy food that we can eat, clean water that we can drink, and fresh air that we can breathe. Unless we take good care of our natural environment, the generations after us will see no more of the beautiful earth we have once lived in.

Do not let technological advancements get in the way of healthy and wholesome living. It is not too late to start taking care of the environment. Let us take the inspiration from other cities around the world that, despite how advanced they have become, preserving nature is still one of their priorities.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the first city in the world to initiate the green roof policy that mitigates the heat coming from the sun and makes the air cooler. And despite being a city, you will be seeing lesser cars down the Copehagen roads since most people travel their way to work using bicycles. The city is also using buses fueled by electricity for transportation. That means lesser carbon emission and fresher air.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the second most eco-friendly city in the world. Cycling is their primary means of transportation too. To compensate for a large amount of electricity without using harmful elements, each household is encouraged to install solar panels, and by doing so, the emission of carbon dioxide becomes lesser and lesser.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the first city to win the European Green Capital Award in 2010 because of its outstanding environmental strategies. Sustainable energy use, environmental-friendly transportation, and resource-efficient recycling are only a few of their various strategies to counter the problems that cause environmental destruction.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver aims to become the greenest city in the world, and, for that to happen, they have created plans and pushed through innovative projects to refrain from using fossil fuels. Now the city has the least amount of carbon emission among the other cities in North America. Other than that, increased emphasis has been placed on various environmental advocacies, such as tree-planting, zero waste, and proper use of water. Vancouver also encourages the community to buy food from their local market to help lessen the environmental damage caused by mass food production and transportation.

Preserving the environment means preserving life; and nurturing it is humanity's moral obligation.

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