Summer may be over, but that only means its closer to the official start of Fall. Fall means one thing: fall fashion and shoes.

From the runway to your closet, here are some great things to take in when shopping for the perfect fall shoe.



A cute black bootie with a gold or silver heel is elegant and tasteful. It’s both edgy and trendy while promoting comfort and style.

Lace Up

Boots and heels this season all seem to have one major thing in common: laces. Look for boots and heels that combine the use or look of laces. Its school girl means fashionista.

Bows and Glitter

Like any season approaching the winter months, be prepared to see glitz and glam in your local shoe department. Shoes that are adorned in glitter are adorable and you can’t go wrong with a cute bow to pull together a sophisticated look.

Thigh High

Boots can reach the sky or better yet the thighs. Look for boots that come up higher than normal and can be worn with jeans (look for extra room) or with a skirt or dress.



Samantha Reba is a writer, social media coordinator, avid blogger, and beauty lover. She is the creator and writer of Radiant Review, a blog that shares her love of beauty with her passion for writing.