You need to dress to impress, in quarantine, when none sees you. The previous words strung together in a sentence sound completely wrong together. Why dress to impress in quarantine if none sees you? Because you're not dressing to impress others. You're doing it for yourself! Get in the shower, put some mascara on those eyelashes and get set to face another day in quarantine!

We have spent weeks socially isolating from one another. You’ve lived in your jammies for so long that they are almost permanently stuck to your body. It's time now to peel them off and elevate your style. A few small changes can make a big difference in how you look and feel.


Loungewear Doesn't Have to be Frumpy

The loungewear clothing category now includes flowy maxi dresses, colorful cardigans, jumpsuits and wide-leg culottes. Zip-up sweatshirts are fitted and joggers are stylishly cut. There are so many different ways to interpret loungewear. This clothing style can easily transition from working at home to running essential errands. A fresh, polished loungewear look makes you look put together while feeling comfortable.



If you're bored of wearing the same outfits over and over, add some flair to them by accessorizing. A headscarf or a few pieces of jewelry can turn a boring outfit into something different. Wear pieces that make you feel happy or remind you of a special time. We all need our moods uplifted during this time. Fashion can do that.


Indoor Shoes

We spend a lot of time indoors these days.Our outdoor shoes aren’t even dirty or broken in. Again, quarantine fashion is all about being comfortable, but stylish. Slides, moccasins, leather pumps, or flip-flops. Anyone who wears extended size shoes knows the combination of comfort and style can be hard to find. If you find a fabulous pair of shoes that make you feel happy...go for it! Life is too short to wear a pair of shoes you don't love.



Now is your time to experiment with color. See if that boldly striped shirt works with a pair of bright pink ankle length pants. No one's around to judge you. Wear colors you don't normally wear like orange and aqua. You can also try prints you don't normally wear such as floral, leopard or polka-dot.Bring out the cotton, muslin, mulmul and semi-cotton to beat the summer heat too. Shorts are also acceptable to wear for your zoom meetings. Pair them with a flowy peasant top for a cool summer look. 

Quarantine fashion is about being comfortable and stylish. Pick colors and patterns that keep you cheerful. Try different types of clothing and accessories to find new styles that look good on you. Keep your chin up and use fashion to help uplift yourself!

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