Who knew that when things shut down because of the coronavirus that things would go on this long? The pandemic continues to rage and that creates quite an issue for travel plans and events all around the world. But fashion is persistent, and designers continue to create—and display—their items. Fashion weeks all over are creating new formats to safely get their ideas and designs across to potential customers and retail buyers. Here are afew things that they are doing:

Online Events

Just because people can’t be there in person, safely, or because tickets events have to be severely limited, doesn’t mean fashion can’t go on. Many fashion weeks are limiting in-person tickets, but are going online in an unlimited capacity. People all over the world can watch the runway as new styles and designs dance before their eyes. While it might feel a bit unconventional, it is opening up doors for even more people to view the latest fashion.

Masked Models

Many designers have taken the COVID crisis and used it as inspiration within their designs. Loungewear, for example, is rather sheek on some runways. But there are other shows that want to be held in person, but also remain as safe as possible. Those that watch the show have to wear masks—as do those that are in the show. Models are wearing masks that the designers create to complement or even match their designs. It’s another form of extending their creation to answer the times.

Recording Events

Instead of having too many people in one location at a time, some fashion weeks are recording their models, a few at a time, and then displaying the fully recorded event as if it were live, either in person or streaming or both. These events keep there from being too many people in one place at a time and they allow the designers to perfect their looks on the runway with as many ‘takes’ as they need to get things just right.

There are a lot of things that have changed in the world we are living in today, but one thing remains the same—fashion is going to continue. While the runway shows and events might look different today, and even some of the things you see on the runways might have been altered to suit the times, those shows, and events are continuing to showcase the beauty in fashion from head to toe. Watching a runway show, even from home, can make you feel optimistic that soon, you will have somewhere to wear the beautiful designs that the models show off, from outfits to handbags, shoes to accessories, there’s plenty of hope in the fashion world.