Suede shoes are some of the cutest shoes on the face of the planet

but they’re also some of the easiest to stain. Just in case you ever get into a dirty predicament while wearing your beautiful leather beau’s Lonia is here to save your day! Here are some tips on suede that’ll have you cleaning your shoes like a master leather connoisseur!

Cleaning Dirt and Scuff Marks

  1. Bye Bye Dirty Shoe Blues



The suede material on your shoe is what’s called soft grain, basicallymeaning really soft leather normally used for gloves and accessories, meaning since you shoe is made of delicate material you have to handle it delicately while cleaning it. This may require a special tool/ brush but you should always check your shoe to see what the manufacturer suggests for cleaning. Suede is also very very sensitive to water so you  have to make sure your shoes are completely dry when trying to scrub the dirt out.


2.Brush Gently to Remove Dirt


cleaning suede.jpg

Once you’ve acquired your handy manny suede cleaning brush and made sure your shoe is clean you’re going to start lightly brushing away the dirt and dust left on the shoe. Remember delicate shoe means you need to use delicate hands if you want the best results. Brush repeatedly in the same direction because just like you can see the direction a vacuum went in a carpet you can see the same in your shoe. Once that layer of dirt is gone you’ll be able to see your hard work already starting to pay off.

3. Removing Scuff Marks


This is the step where you scrub happy ladies can really go to town! When scuffing your shoes the soft grain of the suede gets pressed down in one ugly direction. To remove the scuff scrub that area back and forth with all the willpower you can muster and show that shoe who’s really boss. If your shoe is as stubborn as a mother in law try using a knife to life the grain and then go back and scrub the scuff till it's had enough.  If you think about it this is kind of like a life hack right now. It’s doubling as a cleaning lesson and a life lesson all in one. Look at your life as a shoe, if someone tries to mess up your lively exterior or interior just shake em drown, scrub them off and continue being as fabulous as you were before they came.


If you don’t want to use a brush or if it isn’t working you can also use an eraser to remove the marks. You can use a pencil eraser or a special eraser designed specifically for suede either way it’s six eggs in one hand and half a dozen in the other.



4. Spray to Fight Another Day


shoe protector.jpg

Once your finished removing the dirt from your suede babies spray a coat of suede protector spray onto them. You should really try and do this when you first get them to prevent scuffs and marks from ever coming on but it’s ok if you don’t. Spraying them will help prevent future

mishaps from occurring. You can find suede protector spray pretty much at any local drugstore.

Removing Water Stains

Leather has always been known to stain very easily especially in water so  it’s no surprise that suede does it too. They can be a hassle to wear anywhere that isn’t dry. In the chance that you get caught stepping in a puddle or it happens to rain don’t despair because where there’s a will to clean your shoe there’s a way.





Apply a light coat of water to the outside of you shoe using your suede brush. Suede shoes are easily discolored by water so be sure that you don’t apply too much and that you do it gently.

2. Dry the excess water with a sponge or dry cloth


Dab your shoe as gently and elegantly as the queen of England until there are no visible water stains. DO NOT ADD EXCESS HEAT TO THE SHOE!! All it will do is make the situation a lot worse a lot faster.

3. Stuff Em’ like a turkey at Thanksgivingimage8.png

Allow your precious shoes to dry overnight without any added help from a hairdryer, oven, etc. Stuff them with dry paper so your shoes can maintain shape while they dry, but avoid newspaper because the ink tends to bleed.

For Shoes That Need Extra Special Care


For those of  you who have happened to encounter a series of misfortunate events don’t worry because we have special instructions for you.

  1. Umm What is That….


Have you ever gotten something on to your shoe and you have no idea where it came from? Yeah it happens to the best of us but keep the faith because us modern day Martha Stewarts are here to help, Simply take the suede brush and scrub the stain like you were scrubbing a scuff. Then use a regular old nail brush to scrub the stubborn stain with water. Unfortunately, if your shoe is stained with oil or if it’s badly stained it may be at the point of no return so you might have to say bye bye to your precious suede babes,


If you have oil stained in your shoe you can try one more remedy to save your shoe. Sprinkling cornstarch onto the stain and leave it overnight. Then wake up the next morning brush off the starch and mist the stain with an iron.

2. Muddy Helk!!


To remove mud wipe away the excess mud on the shoe without staining it any further. Then leave your shoes to bask in the sun’s warmth (not for too long though because they might begin to fade). Once that’s done remove larger chunks of mud with hands and smaller chunks with the suede brush.

3. For A Sticky Situation

For gum and wax set your suede shoe in the freezer for a few hours. I know it sounds weird but scientists have proven it works well maybe not scientists but it does work! The gum or  wax will eventually harden to the point where you can break it off with your hand and or a suede brush.



Other Home Remedies

Just in case none of these tricks work you have to have a backup plan. Here are some more at home tricks to help your suedes see another day.

  1. White Vinegar

If a stain is giving you more trouble than usual try using some white vinegar straight from your cabinet. Apply a modest amount with a soft rag or towel and then let it dry brush it with a suede brush. This is also a great way to get rid of salt lines that form on your shoe.




2.Give Them Some Tough Love



Brush steel wool vigorously against dry stains. However, just and F.Y.I  this may require roughing up the rest of the shoe for an even look once the stain is gone.

3. Emory Board and Steamer


This is definitely an interesting combination to use, but try an emery board and steamer. If you don't have a suede brush, brush the suede with the emery board nail file, then steam it with an iron. The heat should help open up the pores of the suede and make it much easier to clean.



I hope these tips come to the rescue if you’re ever caught in a messy situation! For more news and updates follow us on twitter @LoniaShoes  and instagram @loniashoes. Check out our upcoming collection




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